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Strange marriage certificate

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    Here is the reply I have been waiting for. Very helpful people. I hope it opens alright because I forgot how to do it
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      Really interesting! What you would call a real mess up!


        And they were quite diligent in their research. Fascinating.
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          I wonder if the church warden got the books out and filled in the preliminary details, the witnesses signed where necessary and then all parties and the vicar dashed off, leaving the books for the church warden to eventually put them away. (When my friend was church warden she used to get out the relevant register and then, after the event, she went back to the church to put it back in the safe and lock up. Once we became part of a group of churches, the vicar didn't have a key for the safe - if s/he personally needed to access it, then s/he contacted one of the wardens and borrowed a key.)
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            What a shame that you don't even know the month of the marriage, I did wonder what was on the next page and thought it likely to be a big gap for such a small place, and was very sceptical on the FMP transcription

            At least they have really looked into it - so nothing more you can do, how annoying.

            I just keep thinking of Father Ted (I know RC - but even so)

            Did post 5 and 7 help plug some gaps in the tree?
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              I am glad you all found this interesting. Family research is never boring.
              Yes those posts were a great help
              Thanks again


                As an aside, I have had similar help from archivists and registrars over the years, going the extra mile. They like a mystery the same as we do, lol.




                  I just keep thinking of Father Ted (I know RC - but even so)
                  You and me both Carolyn - I always think of Graham Greeneā€™s whisky priests and Father Ted when I see some of the slipshod parish register entries for some of my Donegal ancestors.

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                    It is possible there was some kind of cognitive impairment with the person filling in the registrar. Dementia, alcoholism, schizophrenia etc.