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  1. Magazine Article 2008 At Last, he's not an ag lab

    I recently stumbled upon an article written in 2008 and titled "At last, he's not an ag lab!" This article was written by SueinKent and in it she talks about her husbands great grand father Jonathan Glyde.

    Jonathan Glyde was also my great grand father and I would very much like to contact this lady to exchange information and family details. if any one knows of her I would appreciate it if they would pass my details on, thanks in anticipation

  2. 1940 USA census

    I've had great fun tracking descendents of my Hogans and Careys who, in the 1880's, swapped the mines and shipyards of Northumberland for the mines of Pennsylvania and the shipyards of Ohio.
    1940 census was especially interesting - quite a lot of people aged 15 to 25 and people 55 and over who didn't have any occupation recorded.
    It was only when I came across one household with two residents recorded as employed in "new work" that the penny dropped, as it were. 1930's - the ...
  3. A Wealth of Information.

    I’m only 21 and yet since the age of 14 I’ve been saying tomy Mum- I’m going to find out about our family! I’m going to trace them so thatI know where I come from, what makes me, well me. Every year would be the samething, I’d get a notepad and write my Grandparents details out and that wouldbe as far as I got before giving up again.

    Now, now I’ve found a weather ofinformation thanks to one little detail- a random little search to get some details

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  4. Names i am researching

    Litherland - Leicester and West Yorkshire
    Plant - Hanley, Stoke on Trent (new research)
    Williams - Fenton, Stoke on Trent (new research)

    I have only recently started to look for the my Grandmother Harriet Plant from Hanley, and my Grandfather Albert Williams from Fenton. They married in March 1910 and boarded at Grandma Harriet's home in Hanley. Grandad was a miner, and they eventually moved to Murton Seaham for the coal mining work. That is about all I know of their beginning. ...
  5. Hannah Abel and Edward Broughton, Ontario pioneers

    My great-grandad George Abel had an elder sister named Hannah, who was born in East Yorkshire c1834. Whilst I'm still unsure of Hannah's precise birthplace, I do know that by 1839 her parents (James and Mary Ann Abel) had settled in the small Yorkshire village of Huggate where a younger sister was born and baptised and where the family were recorded in 1841 census.

    When census was taken in 1851, Hannah was living at Huggate Rectory where she was a house servant in the employ of widower ...

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