i have one tree that is one line that i always refer too and it is has always been spot on

i have sent little bits here and there a death ref i have or the odd child missed and i found the lot

now most of the family come from surry and i live quite a way from and have not reach the record office yet.

so i have started same small with my local library and then southampton achives and library and then hampshire record office.

now i dont have that many ancesters in hampshire and i have only been to record office twice
so i have not bored yet
i was very orgnist last time i when i and i wrote a list with the help of my GR of the people who live i n hampshire so i could look them up.

so i was getting know where fast doing this
parish record were not there, could work how to find they were not in their correct years

but the main thing that was wrong was that i had no feeling for who i was looking up

till i got to hall yes the one that are mainly in surrey but of course hamphire boarder surrey and this is where this lot live.

and i kept on finding them

and when i got fed up with miclo finches i got the train to southamton and spent the afternoon looking a history book in the local studies section lovely and peaceful it is there. and i found a writren discription of one these halls. i was so pleased.]

but today i have been writing it all up and tree that i though was so brilliant is so bady wrong it is untrue.

i am having to rewritie a whole line as it so wrong

but of coures nobody tree is finished there are allways things to be checked