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Thread: Searching for Rev. Cooke in 18th Century Hampshire, England

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    It's just that surgeons are normally called Mister, not Doctor and I wonder if someone misunderstood. Where is he recorded as Dr

    (He could have been both, of course!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Olde Crone Holden View Post
    It's just that surgeons are normally called Mister, not Doctor and I wonder if someone misunderstood. Where is he recorded as Dr

    (He could have been both, of course!)

    I forgot about that OC - in the announcement of his marriage in the papers in 1801 he is recorded as Mr not Dr, which I wondered about, but if he was a surgeon that makes sense.

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    Ah, right, thanks Linda.

    He ought to be recorded somewhere as a surgeon in that case, must have gone to medical school.


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    I am sorry I haven't kept up with this thread - for some reason I did not receive any notification of new posts, and when I checked the forum I failed to notice that one has to move to the next page!

    Regarding whether Edward was a surgeon or a physician, one of the links above (for which many thanks) led me to this on the Royal College of General Practitioners page where it states: "
    The term 'surgeon' traditionally described a person who performed operations with the use of surgical instruments. However some surgeons, particularly in the 19th century, also worked in other areas of medical practice." I will enquire as to where I can find copies of the publications mentioned.


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    Lily1950 - Edward was born in Gloucester City in 1769, baptism St Mary de Crypt 8/1769, the son of John Cook(1732-c1782), note no "e", an Apothecary and his wife Elizabeth Weaver(1737-aft1782) the daughter of Thomas Weaver the biggest pin manufacturer in Gloucester. Edward was a Surgeon in the Bengal Medical Service a division of the East India Company Civil Service. As of the 1700's he probably gained his surgeon skills by way of an apprenticeship possibly with a distant cousin in Gloucester. He died on the East Indiaman "Sir William Pulteney" on passage from Calcutta to Capetown. It is probable he was ill before he left India and was being sent home to England. It is not known if his wife Mary and three children were on the ship. The Reverend Gentleman in the family folklore was probably Edward's brother, the Rev. George Gooke(1760-1840) who served in two parishes in Gloucestershire his last parish being Tortworth near Bristol where he was Rector for many years and never married. George was appointed a guardian/mentor to Edwards's only son Augustus(Bengal1803-Camberwll, Surrey 1873) who became a G.P./Apothecary married 21/9/1835 at Halling, Kent Anne Hollingsworth (Ayrshire1810-Surrey1852). The two daughters, Ann Clark Coles Cooke(Bengal 1802-Surrey 1876) never married and Caroline(Bengal1805-Edinburgh1875) married the Rev. David Horne(1812-1863) at Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland on 18/12/1832 had as a guardian/mentor Sir Robert Keith Dick(from the 1820's Dick-Cunyngham) who had married Harriet Hanmer a younger sister of Edward's wife Mary. Robert had been in the Bengal Civil Service(until he inherited the family estates about 1815) and a friend for some years of Edward in India.
    The guardianship/mentoring of the children depended on conditions a number applying to whether Mary remarried and the timing of her death. I have no knowledge of when and where she died or whether she remarried. If you do it would be appreciated.
    With regard to the spelling of "Cooke" prior to Edward's generation the usage was mainly "Cook" but not always. From Edward's generation down the tendency was to use "Cooke" but from time to time "Cook" can turn up until about 1851-1861. Trust this is of assistance.

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    Hello qcg7248 and welcome to FTF
    Lily hasn't been on the site for a couple of months, so I have sent her a PM to direct her to your reply.

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    qcg7278 Thank you so much for your message. It is indeed of assistance!

    Edward and Caroline Cooke were my GGG grandparents. Everything you said about the family fits perfectly with what I knew and I am delighted to know the names of Edward's parents and brother. May I ask if you are connected to this family? Thank you again.

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    I'm sorry - I should have said that Edward and Mary Cooke were my GGG grandparents.

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    I have sent a private message to qcg7248, who I think may have tried to reply, but the message is blank. I do have a little more information about Mary Cooke (née Hanmer) which I would be happy to share.

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