June 1st 1864 Report recd. from Council Office:
“The numbers have greatly increased in the lower part of the school, & so caused more embarrassment to the master of Standard 1. In II, III & IV the children passed very creditably. The Reading of the First Class is very good. R.E. Wyatt, Manager.
2nd Jun 1864 Reported Charles Newnham playing truant this morning. 3p.m. found the above correct; severely punished. 117 present, and very quiet.
3rd Jun 1864 Half day holiday granted. Work as usual in the morning, Returned 60 halfpence for regular attendance.
June 6th 1864 117 present. 15/0 school pence. Paid 6/0 to monthly Medallists. Election in favour of (1st) P. Godsmark & Thos. Tidy (2nd) George Maynard & Sam Upton (3rd), Emily Holland & Clara Packham.
7th Jun 1864 Received Gov. Allowance. Several little ones troublesome caused by the heat. 6th out to play 3p.m. Work as usual in other classes.
8th Jun 1864 Ann Gaston very idle. 2 ½ hours in learning 3 lines Geography. Work as usual.
9th Jun 1864 Work as usual.
June 10th 1864 Returned for regular attendance 3/6. Children in lower classes very noisy. First Class Boys all talk about the Fife Band.
June 13th 1864 Admitted 4 new scholars, all under 6 Years ld. Number present 123. Rather too noisy but work went well.
14th Jun 1864 All the Newnhams absent without leave. Esther Todman absent from her class without leave. Several absent, Ragged School up to the Heath for a treat doubtless the reason. Fife and Drum Band established.
15th Jun 1864 Supposed that C. Newnham played truant yesterday; punished for it, on his own confession.
16th Jun 1864 Received notice that Thos. Stoner is wanted at home in the afternoons this week and Andrew in the mornings.
17th Jun 1864 Returned 3/2 for regularity. Spoke to the Stoners about their irregular attendance. Work as usual.
20th Jun 1864 109 present. Many absent at Foresters Annual Fete at the New Inn.
21st Jun 1864 Wet, bad attendance, work as usual. Attendance better in the afternoon, work as usual.
22nd Jun 1864 Work as usual. Lower classes noisy. 5th out to play at 2.50pm.
23rd Jun 1864 George Baker and Cooke punished for fighting and quarrelling in school. 4, 5 & 6 very noisy.
24th Jun 1864 Attendance good. Work as usual. Returned for regular attendance during week ¾.
June 27th 1864 Number present 128. School pence 15s 0d. (Illegible) came in afternoon after 3 or 4 weeks absence.
28th Jun 1864 Morning 11.30 children working well. Report J Johnson absent without leave, admitted one fresh scholar.
29th Jun 1864 Anne Cooke kept ¼ hour for bad behaviour. Charles Newnham at home hay-making. Several boys left at 3pm for similar purpose.
30th Jun 1864 Ockenden teacher of 6th class leave to be away this afternoon. 11.15am punished several for inattention in Arithmetic Lesson.