March 27th to April 2nd. Easter Vacation.
April 4th 1864 Two children dead since last date Allen Gaston and George Burtenshaw. Admitted one new scholar Mark Wickham. 106 present 16/11 pence. Divided 5th class and engaged another monitor.
5th Apr 1864 Wet. School thin: 84 present in afternoon.
6th Apr 1864 Gave three fourth Class boys extra lesson in Reading. Third kept in for inattention.
7th Apr 1864 Agreed that Phoebe Godsmark shall teach the sixth class alternately with Esther Todman, Sarah Burtenshaw having left the school, her sister Emily attending in her place. Allowed eight of the bigger boys to leave at 3p.m. to carry Allen Gaston to his grave.
8th Apr 1864 Great noise in all the classes, reason unknown, kept the whole in ¼ hour, much quieter in the afternoon. Returned 3/0 for regular attendance.
April 11th 1864 Present 119. School pence 15/0 about. First Class Girls very idle. Without an alteration keep them in tomorrow.
12th Apr 1864 Kept in First Class Girls for Arithmetic. Advanced Emily Barnes from Fifth to Fourth Class.
13th Apr 1864 Two lids broken off ink pots. Find that stock of copy books, slates etc. must be increased.
14th Apr 1864 Mentioned above to Rev. R. E. Wyatt, and make out a list of articles required to amount of £1.15.0. Esther Todman, Sophia Holland and Elizabeth Dival leagued together to be as troublesome as possible.
15th Apr 1864 Louisa Gaston at home ill. Billy Coomber and Andrew Stoner made choir boys. Returned 2/8 for regular attendance.
18th Apr 1864 School thin at 9a.m. Many late: others absent from sickness. Number present 97. School pence 10/11. Admitted two fresh scholars. 101 present in afternoon.
April 19th 1864 Richard Harland kept at home to work. Children begin to go out peeling (flawing) hop-poles etc. Thos. Tidy absent taking care of a donkey.
20th Apr 1864 Kept the whole of First Class for being lazy at Geography; and part of Second Class for dictation. Mr. Du Cann’s Agent required use of school room for Ventriloquial entertainment; was refused.
21st Apr 1864 Thomas Ockenden struck Mary Knight in the face making her nose bleed; found she had been calling him names; punished both with a lesson.
22nd Apr 1864 Kept in Leppard & Sophia Holland to learn their geography. Found two or three new comers do not know their catechism. Returned 2/0 for regular attendance. Gave notice to boys of the Missionary Meeting to night.
25th Apr 1864 Present in the morning 109. James Johnson absent without leave. Make inquiries, as he is fond of truant playing.
26th Apr 1864 Both the Stebbings’s kept at home to nurse the infant. Had to speak frequently to C. Tidy the teacher of 5th Class respecting his indifference to his class.
27th Apr 1864 Paid H. Harmes 5/0 for teaching this month. Mr. Maynard called for his son this afternoon and said he was very pleased at the great improvement he had since he has been here; and concluded by saying “Keep him at it, Sir.”
April 28th 1864 Great trouble with the First Class Girls in the Arithmetic lesson. Fourth class under William Burtenshaw very noisy.
29th Apr 1864