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    Report format

    Is there any way to produce a REPORT spreadsheet that contains the report information HORIZONTALLY in columns so it can be used? For example, I wanted to look at ages when people died and be able to view/organize them by the age at death. However, when I produce a report in CSV or for use in Excel, it looks something like this:

    A B
    Age at death 25
    Name Robert Berry
    Death 1825 Belmont County OH
    Birth 1800 Belmont County OH
    Age at death 16
    Name Samuel Berry
    Death 1919 Knox County OH
    Birth 1903 Knox County OH
    I can't really do anything with this report because the information is separated in ROWS instead of COLUMNS. Is it possible to produce a spreadsheet report in COLUMNS as is usual with spreadsheets (so vertical COLUMN A is age at death, vertical COLUMN B is name, vertical COLUMN C is death, etc)? In the current format, I can't really do anything with that report.

    More like this:
    A B C D
    Age at death Name Death Birth
    25 Robert Berry 1825 Belmont County, OH 1800 Belmont County OH
    16 Samuel Berry 1919 Knox County, OH 1903 Knox County, OH

    I'm new to FTM but fairly proficient with computers/software. Is there a different kind of report I can produce that I'm not seeing, one I can actually do something with? I didn't see any other options.

    Any experienced users have any info/hints?


    I figured it out... I would like to delete the post but don't see that as an option. So I guess this would be a new post, lol.


      Originally posted by MindyinOhio View Post
      I figured it out... I would like to delete the post but don't see that as an option. So I guess this would be a new post, lol.
      I would delete it, but if you could tell us how you created the table and then how you got it the way round you wanted it, I am sure that would be very useful to other members!
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        I know this thread is a few months old now but as I've just had a play with my FTM2017 (on Win10), I thought i'd chip in.

        FTM2017 can export the report in either rows or columns to a Comma Separated Variable file which you can then open using Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets etc.

        In order to do this, just go about creating your report as you would normally. Click the Share icon (next to print on the right hand side) and select Export to CSV (don't select Send as CSV as this doesn't give you the rows/columns choice). You will then get the option of exporting your report as rows or columns of data. Select the option you want and click Export and then save the file.

        If you choose to export data as columns, then you will get the format wanted in the original question.

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