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FTAnalyzer help please

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  • FTAnalyzer help please

    I’m slowly going nuts here

    I have imported my tree to the latest version of FTAnalyzer (on my Windows 10 laptop) and have got it to show me all the people it reckons should be alive in 1921.
    There are 871 of them which is not exactly correct as some don’t have anything in the death fact field but it includes them anyway regardless of dob eg. if the 1st dozen it returned, 7 were born after 1921 but that’s not my issue.
    What’s got me stumped is that on the top ribbon of this list are three icons - print, print preview and send to Excel. It’s this last one that I want to do. I’ve single, double and right clicked on this icon but nothing happens. So then I thought maybe I need to ‘select all’ first before clicking the Excel icon. This is where I have got stuck. I’ve tried control+shift, control+A and right clicking anywhere on the screen. None of these three are selecting all for me.
    What am I doing wrong please?

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    Anyone please?