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    Liverpool Archives help please

    Is anyone able to visit Liverpool Archives for me please? The following is a bit complicated but I thought it best to add everything I have so far.

    RICHARD HARRISON born 1868, Liverpool
    I am pretty sure I have found Richard Harrison, a relative of mine, in the Myrtle Street Asylum in 1881 census. I see that the asylum did not accept children from workhouses and my relative had been in the Liverpool Board of Guardians Workhouse in 1875 along with his elder brother William. They were not there long though and were moved on to the Kirkdale Industrial School from whence they both absconded 3 July 1876. I am hoping that the Myrtle Street Richard is the same boy. Where he was between 1876 and 1881, I don’t know.
    There have been a couple of possible marriages but both of those had a father named Edward and my boy’s father was William - a packer, of either earthenware pottery or glass.
    I see from the piece I have copied from the website (shown below), the Myrtle Street Asylum required certificates of birth and baptism and the marriage and death of the parents. I hope any certificates in the Asylum records will match what I already have.
    I have not found his mother’s death yet although given that her spouse died in the Workhouse in 1875, having come there from the Main Bridewell prison, she must have died between census day 1871 and 23 August 1875 when he is processed into the workhouse as a widower.
    I have the birth certificate for my Richard but no baptism, the marriage certificate of his parents and the death certificate for his father.
    There are three sets of records that might contain the proof I am hoping to find;
    Admission registers (1866 - 1924)
    Admission papers and certificates (1850 - 1924)
    Case files

    The dates/places on the certificates I have are;
    Richard was born 5 February 1868 at 10 St James Street, Liverpool
    His parents William Harrison and Mary nee Harrison were married 19 July 1858 at St John, Burslem, Staffordshire.
    His father died of bronchitis 25 August 1875 in The Liverpool Board of Guardians Workhouse and was buried 27 August 1875 in a public grave in Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool.
    Other addresses I have for William and Richard are 6/2 Pitt Street, Liverpool which is the one they were listed as being at on their admission to the workhouse in 1875 34 Cleveland Square which was the family home in 1871. Having Googled all the addresses, I think the Pitt Street one should properly be 6/2 Upper Pitt Street. 10 St. James Street is a spit away from there and they are both about a 10 minute walk from 34 Cleveland Square.

    Asylum for Orphan Boys, Myrtle Street, Liverpool, Lancashire (from
    The boys' Asylum was formally opened on March 13th, 1854, with the church, named the Church of the Holy Innocents, also being consecrated...
    Admission to the Asylum was limited to those born within seven miles of the Liverpool Exchange, and aged 7 to 11 years at their date of entry. No boys were admitted from workhouses. Applicants were required to provide certificates of their birth, baptism, and of the marriage and death of their parents.
    Liverpool Archives, 3rd Floor, Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW.
    Holdings include: Annual reports (1844-1913, some missing); Admission registers (1866-1924); Admission papers and certificates (1850-1924); Case files; Accounts (from 1858); Minutes (from 1861); Correspondence (from 1856); Boys' Asylum Journal (1897-1921).

    I have no idea where Richard’s brother William went although there is an outside possibility that he ended up in Australia and married there in 1899. I have discounted that for the moment as although a son of the one found in Australia is called William Zachariah and there was a cousin called Zachariah still in Staffordshire, all the trees have William’s mother as Mary Dawe (shown on an 1899 Australian marriage certificate of a William Harrison to a Sarah Ann French) apart from one who has Mary Allman. Neither are correct for my brothers William and Richard. Their mother was Mary Harrison nee Harrison. Unusual but correct as I have the marriage certificate and her baptism and parents’ marriage. Other trees have William snr married 3 times, once in Ireland!! The marriage between a William Harrison and Mary Allman was a civil ceremony in 1860, two years later than my couple and I have found no evidence anywhere of a marriage between a William Harrison and a Mary Dawe (or variant). The trees don’t have evidence either, only what is entered on the Australian marriage certificate.
    The matches in the trees where William ended up in Australia showed up because they all have an 1861 census for the family in Poulton cum Seacombe, near Wallasey, Cheshire. The parents William and Mary plus children Richard and William. Now this actually is my family but the two children on the census died in 1865 in Burslem and 1862 Poulton cum Seacombe respectively.
    Later in 1862, a son John was born in Poulton cum Seacombe and another son William in 1865 back in Burslem and another Richard in 1868 in Liverpool. These three plus the parents are in Cleveland Square Liverpool in 1871. After that, things seem to have gone badly wrong for them.

    Hello, whilst I'm unable to help with the Liverpool Archives I just wanted to thank you for posting so much information. William and Mary Harrison were my 2x Great Grandparents. How sad that they had come to be in that position but I guess that was not uncommon among poorer people in Victorian times. The John that you mention born in Poulton cum Seacombe was my Great Grandfather and his son Zachariah my Grandfather.


      Hello John, lovely to hear from you. My connection is William spouse to Mary. William had a brother Daniel who is my direct line, 3xGGF. The Harrisons of that time frame have given me no end of grey hairs and still I have brick walls aplenty! Trying to find lost Harrisons in the Potteries is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
      Do you have any details of birth and death for William’s parents John and Mary / Mary Ann?
      Have we corresponded before? I have DNA tested at ancestry and 23andme and have uploaded also to ftDNA, LivingDNA, GEDmatch and MyHeritage. Trying to cover all bases LOL

      I don’t keep my main tree online but I do have a bare bones private DNA direct lines one at ancestry.

      I tried to send you a pm but at the moment that is not functioning for you. If you hunt through my profile, my email address is in the “about” section.

      I’d like to know all about 1862 John and his descendants. I can now confidently dispense with my idea that he might he have been the young boy who died 1868 having fallen off a boat in Huskisson Dock, Kirkdale.