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Research offered in South Italy (Campania)

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    Record Office: Research offered in South Italy (Campania)

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here on this forum and I'm very appreciative and grateful to be part of it!

    My name is Alessandro Bovino and I'm writing from Benevento, the town where I was born and I'm still living in. I've been passionate of genealogy for almost 6 years now and would be very glad to be of help in your research! Being genealogy a passion before everything else, I'm very honoured and glad to feel like helping Americans tie themselves back to their roots. I always try to make the best when performing researches, so that I can contribute at least for a little part to one's family history.

    This wouldn't be the first time for me to do a research on commission. Currently I'm in fact also conducting a research in Apollosa for an Australian (from Adelaide) whose father comes from there , and other researches for many other Americans.

    Here you can also check for some testimonials:

    Although having not yet turned professional, I do make results as much professional as I can. I then provide people with pedigree and family charts, creating also gedcom files for them and various types of reports. I also give them every single information about their ancestors fully documented.

    Please ask whatever question you may want to address me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards,

    Alessandro Bovino

    Facebook page:

    Twitter account:
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    Welcome to the forum Alessandro and thank you for your generous offer of help which I am sure will be of interest to any members who have Southern Italian ancestry.