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dealing with photos with multiple persons on them

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    dealing with photos with multiple persons on them

    hello all

    i am fairly new to genealogy.
    but have hit a brick wall regarding photos with multiple persons in them ,wedding photos for example.
    i have photos with up to 60 people in them, who have been identified by an aunt, but many of them have nothing to do with my lineage, but as they attended my grand mothers wedding i would like to include their details some where and to clearly link the facts of those individuals to the individuals in the photo so that future generations can also identify them
    also any facts i do not want to lose
    who knows the course of online genealogy in the future
    i would be grateful of any help in this matter

    many thanks in advance


    Welcome to FTF, Patrick.

    I put the world and his dog on my tree. This means you need a tree programme that allows you to have floaters. I use Tribal Pages for this online. It isn't a problem on my paper tree because I write copious notes, lol.



      This is what I do for class groups, team photos etc.
      Scan the photo, insert the image into a text box on a word doc.Add name date, venue and occasion. Insert a reduced version onto another sheet and add the names of people underneath/around the edges, adding comments if you wish - Mary Smith aunt of groom, John Lincoln lived next door to Aunt Flo etc. I sometimes use arrows to connect the name with the person.
      I've done the same things with maps to annotate where one family lived throughout their lives, or in mining community, to show whereabouts in the neighbourhood the different strands of the extended family lived.

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      Janet in Yorkshire

      Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree


        Family Historian has the facility to tag people in a photograph - the software allows you to add an unrelated individual into the database.
        Caroline's Family History Pages
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          sorry not getting back sooner but have had problems logging on
          thank you all for your help i am looking int the various options
          many thanks