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    Friends of St Mark's Cheetham

    I recently started a Facebook group Friends of St Mark's Cheetham. The response has been very encouraging and already we have 50 members.

    The aim is to see how many people would be interested in setting up an active group with the intention of securing the future of the graveyard of St Mark’s Church and making it accessible to visitors, historians and researchers and to the descendants of those people buried there.
    1.I have already had meetings with representatives of Manchester City Council and of the Community Payback Team, with a view to having the site cleared and made safe.
    2. I have had a site meeting and accessed the graveyard (for probably the first time in 30+years!) to do an initial assessment.
    3. I have been in touch with a number of interested parties who have important skills and knowledge to enable a proper, accurate survey of all the graves to be made.
    4. I have arranged to have the site filmed by a camera drone next week.

    1. Have the site completely cleared of all the accumulated rubbish, undergrowth and grass and treat the whole area to prevent re-growth. (including Japanese knotweed)
    2.Ensure the boundary walls and fence are in a safe condition so that access can be allowed for working parties and visitors.
    3.If possible, provide some dedicated parking bays nearby on Council-owned land for visitors and those carrying out survey and recording work.
    4.Tidy up the access road from Cheetham Hill Road (Robin Hood Street)
    5.Make arrangements for keys to be available to designated persons so that surveying and recording work can take place and so that visitor can gain access when required.

    WHAT THE VOLUNTEERS (‘the friends’) CAN DO.
    1.Create a new plan of the graves
    2.Transcribe the inscriptions on the graves
    3.Create a database of the graves, the burials and the inscriptions for use by genealogical researchers.
    4.Pass the information to the Manchester and Lancashire family History Society.
    5.Look into ways of ensuring the ongoing maintenance and tidiness of the graveyard.
    6.Chronicle some of the history attached to the people buried at the cemetery.
    7.Perhaps arrange for some interpretation boards to be installed on the perimeter wall for the benefit of passers-by and visitors.

    1.If you have any information about St Mark’s church or graveyard that you would like to share you can start posting here.
    2.Watch this space for information as things develop and get involved whenever you are ready and to whatever extent you want.
    3.If you are ready to get involved NOW then email
    PLEASE SEND A PM TO THE POSTER and ask for a questionnaire. We will register you in and email list and add your details to a simple database. This just be the usual, basic information about who you are, where you live, why you are interested in becoming ‘a friend’ and any relevant skills you may have. In this way it will be possible to match people to tasks as they occur.
    Martin Gittins
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    As you will have noticed, the email address has been removed, so please send a PM if you wish to contact Martin.
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