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    German Ancestors

    Hi everyone, i'm from Brazil and i'm searching for information about my ancestors. I'm very lost trying to found anything (since i don't speak german) and i don't know where to start, the infos i got:

    Her name: Wilhelmina Francisca Kuhl, born in 7 september of 1873 in German (i don't know the city). She came to Brazil between 1873 and 1878
    Sister name: Joanna Margarida Magdalena Kuhl, born in 1871 in German (i think that the city she was born is the same of her Wilhlmina)

    I saw something about the census, but idk if they had this that time. I would be glad with infos like: if there was a census that time, where can i find it, if their name is concentrated in a location, the port where they could have boarded, archieves that i could research online or in contact with the government, (any kind of useful info)

    Thanks in advance


    Not sure if this will help as appears to be from a USA perspective, but the actual research details in Germany should be useful

    FamilySearch also has a good collection of records.

    With my own research in W├╝rttemberg, Germany, I was lucky enough to know the village my ancestors emigrated from.


      I already used FamilySearch, that's where i found most of my current information about her, the problem is that the born place, in the site, is just in Germany, same with her relatives. I also used MyHeritage, the 2 weeks free trial, and got the same results. I will be looking in this other site you recommended


        You really need the town or city to get anywhere in germany, as not a lot is online.

        Germany, the political entity we know today, didn't exist until 1874, when the largest german state, prussia, unified the german states. Prior to this, german people came from states, some as small as towns, some rather large. Each state had it's own laws and customs, and records.

        What kind of information is recorded on brazilian birth, marriage and death certificates? Place of birth or parents names? Wills might mention a family member in germany if they left one.

        Is it possible to find them on a shipping list? They probably sailed from hamburg, as most did. Some came out of bremen too. Did either become naturalised citizens? These records usually state where in germany people were from, not always the town or city, but the state if not.


          I already went looking for those certificates in the city i live in, she passed away here, the death certificate attested that she was born in Brazil, but the marrige one attested that she was born in Germany, but only this. The arrival here in Brazil begun being 'well' documented by 1882, in contact with a Sao Paulo historian he told that there is some more documentation in the Publich Archieves, but i can't contact the insitution 'cause the elections are affecting the process. Also i have her sister name, went looking for something today but found no register of her in the city