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Theophilus Hodgkiss - CWGC grave at Tarbert, Kilcalmonell, Scotland

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    Theophilus Hodgkiss - CWGC grave at Tarbert, Kilcalmonell, Scotland

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for information on a Lieutenant Theophilus Hodgkiss - service number 105833. He served in 202 Battery of 51 Anti-Tank Regt of the Royal Artillery.

    He is listed as wounded on casualty list 228 (wounded on or just before 11 June 1940), part of the expeditionary forces in France according to the section heading. He appears on casualty list 404 (officers and nurses) as having died at home (presumably meaning back in England) on the 3rd Jan 1941. He appears a third time on a corrections list indicating that he died of his wounds, also on the 3rd Jan 1941. He has a CWGC headstone in Tarbert burial ground, Kilcalmonell, Argyllshire, Scotland.

    Forces War Records don't have much detail for him. Find My Past has the casualty lists mentioned above. There's a picture of his headstone on the Scottish War Graves Project website but no further details.

    There may be a clue, via Wikipedia, regarding 51 Anti-Tank Regiment - there is an order of battle 1939-1940 for the 51st (Highland) Division that says: 51st (West Highland) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery (captured 12 June 1940). Perhaps Lt Hodgkiss was wounded a few days before the rest of his regiment was captured and evaculated back to England. There's roughly a 6 month gap between him being wounded in France and his death in Jan 1941.

    He was born in Liverpool and his wife, Alice Louisa Vallence, came from Dorset. The army roll of honour shows his residence as London. Why would he be buried in Scotland? Was there a military hospital in the area that wounded soldiers were sent to or was it because he was part of a Scottish regiment?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    The death certificate is on Scotlands People, so presumably died in Scotland.
    1941 HODGKISS THEOPHILUS - M - age 38 - BUCHANAN /STIRLING 474/01 0001

    The certificate should give you place of death - as you say, possibly a military hospital.


      A possible ..


        found this but cannot read it for obvious reasons



          Originally posted by Val wish Id never started View Post
          found this but cannot read it for obvious reasons

          Translates to:

          Date of Birth: 00.00.1902
          Date of death: 03/01/1941
          Categories: Member of the First World War
          Cemetery: Tarbert Burial Ground
          Born: United Kingdom, 1902

          Rank: Lieutenant
          Regiment: Royal Artillery
          The unit / ship / fleet: BTY 202. 51 Anti-Tank Regt.


            Thankyou Val and Elaine. I found that Russian site too and used Google translate to get the English equivalent. It pretty much says what Elaine has addded.

            Elaine - I've just registered with Scotlands People so will have a look at the record. Thanks.


              Mark .............

              the Scotlands People site is scheduled to be down, as they are moving to a new website

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