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    Town name changes

    I am searching for town in Prussia (Poland/Germany) that was listed on a relatives nat. papers.

    It clearly says that the relative was born in LERESYIAN, GERMANY.

    I am finding nothing when I look up this town name.

    Does anyone know somewhere I can look to find what this town is now called?

    Thank you

    It is more than likely that it is a mis-spelling, written down by a clerk/official trying to work out the town name pronounced with a German/Polish accent.

    My 2x ggf was naturalised, and his papers had his birth place and name spelt incorrectly, even though the writing was very clear.
    Co-ordinator for PoW project Southern Region 08
    Researching:- Wieland, Habbes, Saettele, Bowinkelmann, Freckenhauser, Dilger in Germany
    Kincaid, Warner, Hitchman, Collie, Curtis, Pocock, Stanley, Nixey, McDonald in London, Berks, Bucks, Oxon and West Midlands
    Drake, Beals, Pritchard in Kent
    Devine in Ireland


      are you able to post the image or link to it?