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'Torkington' with Irish origins

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    'Torkington' with Irish origins

    I subscribe to the Ancestry site and have interrogated their Irish records to find details of Arthur Gordon Torkington's parents. I know Arthur was born in Dublin on 12th July 1885, his father was William Edward Torkington (born circa 1852 in Dublin). The civil registration of births index confirms Arthur's birth but it depicts 'Index only record' so I cannot ascertain any further information, ie mother's name etc.

    Arthur joined the Royal Navy on 25th January 1904 and served on various vessels until 9th July 1924.

    Arthur married on 6th August 1913 at Hambledon, Surrey. Arthur's marriage certificate shows his father, William Edward Torkington, as being a Barrack Sergeant but I am unable to find further details about his life.

    Arthur died on 13th October 1947.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated .......

    Arthur's baptism is here, mother Mary


    and you can view the original once you scroll down and click on the link
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      #3 Maybe a browse through these records on Familysearch.



        Can you buy the birth certificate? Presume that's why its on the civil reg index? I think it would have both parents full names.


          You can order Arthur Torkington's birth certificate from the General Register Office in Roscommon. You can either download a form from their website or just write down the details in a letter. The details needed are:

          Arthur Torkington, born in 1885, Registration District Dublin South, Group ID 9665014

          If you decide to order the certificate, make sure you specify that you want a photocopy of the register entry. The cost for this is only 4 euro.

          There is also a birth reference for another Arthur Torkington in 1875, don't know if he might be connected to your Arthur.



            Many thanks everyone, as usual you have been absolutely fantastic.

            Your suggestions and advice have been followed up and have proved invaluable. I have discovered the details of Arthur Gordon Torkington's father and grandparents.

            Thanks again, all your help has been much appreciated.

            Kindest regards