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Aaaaaarghhhh!!! this genealogy is more frustrating than golf

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    Aaaaaarghhhh!!! this genealogy is more frustrating than golf

    Hi all,

    I wonder whether one of you eagled eyed people can help me trace a missing birth and census records.. I think I'm getting word blind, and certainly frustrated ....

    I was happily working on a family unit for one of my 2nd great uncles on my tree, and was thinking that I had basically cracked it: -

    Henry William Cressingham, b 1851 Hastings Sussex, d Q4 1896 Hastings Sussex.
    1st wife: Eliza Pearson, b Q3 1852 Hastings Sussex, married Q3 1875 Hastings, d Q3 1885 Hastings.
    1st child: Alexander William Cressingham, b Q3 Hastings, died of his wounds Q1 1918 Gainsborough Lincs.
    2nd child: Eda Nellie Cressingham, b 25 Aug 1879 Hastings Sussex, d Q4 Mansfield Notts.

    2nd wife: Jane Maria Scotcher, b Q2 1853 Guestling Sussex, married Q1 1889 Hastings Sussex, d 30 Mar 1940 Lewisham London.

    Censuses. Henry William (and family where applicable)
    1861 Hastings.
    1871 Hastings
    1881 94 High Street, Hastings
    1891 Fulham London

    But then I discovered Henry's obituary in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer Saturday 28 November 1896 where it clearly states that the chief mourners included 2 daughters. (Alexander was at that time serving with the 5th Dragoon Guards in India)

    Sooooo I started back-tracking and carefully re-checking my research, and as part of that process I looked more carefully at Eda, who visited the USA 3 times between 1919 and 1926 and examined more closely these travels on the Ellis Island web-site, and there it was, plain as day. Eda's stated reasons for her visits were to stay with her sister Daisy Cressingham Swan in Detroit Michigan.

    Since then I have found Daisy's marriage to John B Swan 24th July 1913 in Detroit Michigan her parents given as Henry William and Eliza Cressingham.

    Her immigration card dated 18/3/12: -
    Daisy Crossingham, age 37, Graduate nurse, destination Detroit Michigan Tuberculosis Sanitorium, Highland Park. Landed Halifax Nov 24th 1911 on the SS Grampian. Nearest relative Sister Edna Cressingham, Ashford Midd'x England (Eda's place of residence in the 1911 census), and a border crossing from Canada to the US dated March 1912.

    Plus 2 marriages for her children.

    This discovery also cleared up the mystery of a Daisy Cressingham that I could not fit in to the family who appeared in the 1911 census at Islington, Hornsey Rise London N, London, England.

    Daisy would appear to have been born in or around 1885, but I cannot find her birth or any mention of her in the 1891 and 1901 censuses... Is it just me? Or does she not exist before 1911?

    As a postscript I also have a 'mystery' Miss Cressingham who appears in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Wednesday 21 May 1902 as receiving a prize for English at the Royal Albert Memorial College in Exeter. Daisy seemingly would have been around 17 at that time and I wonder whether that might be her.....

    Anyone help????

    Thanks in advance and best regards


    Have you followed up an Elizabeth Fanny Cressingham, born and baptised in Hastings 1885/6. She seems to appear in the 1891 census as Eliza with Grandparents William and Fanny and again as Eliza with Uncle Edmund in 1901. There is no trace of Eliza in 1911 so perhaps she decided to call herself Daisy?
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      I presume the age on the immigration card is wrong and should have said 27.

      I can't help wondering whether the Eliza Cressingham born Hastings Q/E March 1885 is her. She would still have been a baby when her mother died.

      There is an Eliza, granddaughter of William and Fanny Cressingham in 1891

      and then as a niece of Edmund and Elizabeth in 1901


        Ignore that - has different parents on the christening records:(
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          We were on the same wavelength Helen, although I think the birth is the one in Q/E March 1885


            Yes Jackie - great minds think alike Is it possible that Daisy may have been an illegitimate child born between her father's two marriages and brought up by the wider family?
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              Possible but I'm more inclined to think that she was born a couple of months before her mother (Eliza Pearson / Cressingham) died.

              Birth Eliza Cressingham Q/E March 1885

              Death Eliza Cressingham aged 32 Q/E Sept 1885

              She may even have died as a result of complications of childbirth given the timing. Henry would then have been left with 3 children including a baby so it would have made sense for other family members to look after the baby


                Hi Helen.

                Wow... That was quick and it makes so much sense; Thank You. Ohhhhhhh the benefits of looking at the bigger picture and at things objectively........ You really have an eye for these things.

                Of course.... If you take the scenario that Eliza died giving birth to, or shortly after the birth of, their second daughter then that child may well have been named Eliza/Elizabeth after her mother.. A now single man with two other 'small' children, who can possibly know what that affect that 'tragic' event would have had, and whether or not it was responsible the family 'unit' did seem to fragment within a period of about 8 to 10 years.... Henry certainly would have looked for help from his parents and family... Henry's parents were indeed William and Fanny (my 3rd great grandparents) and Edmund (my 2nd great grandfather) was Henry's brother.

                Henry moved to London briefly in the late 1880s/early 1890s to follow a brief political 'career' as the election agent for a potential Conservative MP..
                Alexander and Eda moved with him, but 6 year old Elizabeth/Eliza was left behind in Hastings... That kind of makes sense too....

                That just leaves the name change to Daisy............ and that I guess; I'll never know or discover.

                Once again many, many thanks. I'll know who to ask in the future when I get stuck..

                Very best regards

                Paul Cressingham


                  Hi all....

                  Thank you all for your time, replies and thoughts. They are all very much appreciated.

                  They've all cleared my mind and let me look at things again anew...

                  Elizabeth Fanny Cressingham, was born 1885/6 to Edmund Thomas and Elizabeth Mary (my 2nd great grandparents)
                  Eliza Cressingham was born in 1885 in Hastings and is in my 'to do' file as she never slotted neatly into the tree with a father and mother. So I'm convinced that you've cracked this mystery for me..

                  The small age difference between Eliza and Elizabeth also lends a certain credence as to why Eliza ended up with her Uncle edmund and Aunt Elizabeth.

                  And as for Daisy?? Wellllllll it's a much prettier name than Eliza and might just have erased memories of a painful childhood history...

                  Once again many thanks one and all



                    You are welcome Paul - perhaps the aunt and uncle presented Eliza for baptism and the Vicar assumed they were the parents - or it is simply a mistranscription. Either way it Eliza seems to fit nicely for being Daisy. ;D
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                      Sometimes a nickname will stick instead of a birth name within a family.
                      I see from Familysearch there is a border crossing of Elizabeth Cressingham from Canada to United States born Hastings 1886, 12 May 1914 departure port Liverpool.



                        Hi Clematised.

                        Yeah, Elizabeth left the UK to go and marry Richard H Vine on the 18th July 1914, he had emigrated from Hastings to Michigan US via Canada in 1911. I'm guessing that they must have been sweethearts in Hastings before Richard left. Although there are no family stories about them and their 'elopement', and Elizabeth seems to have very much distanced herself from the rest of the family as she literally seemed to disappear from family memories.

                        Best regards

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