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Can't find William Henry Cryer 1881 to 1901

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    Can't find William Henry Cryer 1881 to 1901

    I can't find William Henry Cryer born 1853 in Edenfield,Lancashire on the 1881 to 1901 census records. Got him on the 1861 & 1871 living with his parents Robert & Ellen Cryer living in Edenfield.

    Thought he might have died but think I found him on the 1911 census.
    His age is a few years out on the 1911 census. He would have been 57 or 58.
    It says 54 on the 1911 census unless he lied about his age. Cause he is a lot
    older than his wife on the 1911.

    Can't find there marriage. Looks like his wife is called Hestor

    Check out this one in 1901

    First names and places of birth match nicely - surname is Taylor!


      Possible marriage
      Marriages Mar 1898
      Cooper Hester Ann R
      Taylor William Henry
      St. Faith's 4b 167

      Was he born as Henry Taylor?


        Elaine beat me to it. I was just coming to the same conclusion because I think this is the wife in 1891 (Hester A R Cooper)


          I cannot see where the Taylor name comes into it.
          His parents, Robert and Ellen, are together in 1851 and 1861 ??





            Thanks Elaine & Night Owl. Yes wonder where the Taylor comes from

            He was born Willam Henry Cryer

            On the Lancashire BMD says Born 1853 William Henry Cyer mother maiden name Bamford.
            Which I know is mother was Ellen Bamford.

            He is the 7th child of Robert & Ellen. They had two more children after William.

            Hester A R Cooper thanks Night Owl.

            Wonder why he moved down south then back up north in 1911


              A lot of Cryers in Edenfield area. Don't know if any of this helps. A William Cryer (Coal Merchant - probably not the same as yours) married a Mary Mathews (also seen as Matthews, came from N Wales) in the 1870s and had several children, one of which was my grandmother (Jane), she also had a brother (Jim I think) who emigrated to Australia, and at least 2 sisters, One was called Ethel and the others name escapes me at the moment but she married a Spavin and they had a son who is still alive. I seem to remember that there may have been Taylors in the family as well as Wolstenholmes, Possibly Ashworths and Jacksons as well plus of course Freemans.