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What happened to William Fowler of 1760?

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    What happened to William Fowler of 1760?

    My family tree research has taken me back as far as my great-great-great-great grandfather, William Fowler born in Ireland 1760.

    He married Jane Ross who was born around 1755 in County Down. They had 5 children:
    Catherine, James, John, William and Robert; the latter of which was my ancestor who was born in 1805, Kirkcubbin, County Down.

    Robert appears in the Scottish 1851 census living in Auchinleck, Ayrshire with his wife, their 9 children, and also his mother Jane who died shortly after in 1855 at the grand age of 100. Jane's death certificate notes that she was "6 years in this neighbourhood".

    I can only presume, as Jane also emigrated to Scotland, that William must have died before 1849, possibly near Kirkcubbin, County Down. I am struggling to gain access to any records that could assist me. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Have you tried here?

    The collection is growing, so it's worth going back from time to time.

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      This is not much help I know but I had a similar situation with my Morton family moving to Scotland from England.
      I had the mother on a census with a son in Scotland and assumed she had moved to be near the rest of the family on the death of her husband.
      I did eventually find that hubby had died in 1854 in Scotland (most annoyingly the year before death registration) when I found burial records from the local council. He could only have been in Scotland for a year or two before his death.
      It may be worth finding out if there are burial records as it is a possibility that William and Jane both moved to Scotland.
      However I would agree that it is probably not the case but best not to rule it out. Do you have a burial record or MI for Jane Ross?
      Good luck.
      PS- another thought - is Jane listed as a widow in the 1851 census?

      Edit - sorry - this is a silly as with Jane's death being when she was 100 then it is very likely that her husband died before the move to Scotland - please ignore my ramblings
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        It's a pity that the 1855 death certificate doesn't say she is "widow of ....". They are such a mine of information otherwise.
        Uncle John