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baden-powell name question

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  • baden-powell name question

    does anyone know if the "baden-powell" name was well used in males or limited to the family of robert baden-powell of scouting?

    my son has been talking about robert baden-powell at scouts and said he remembered someone in the family tree with similar name. my 1st cousin twice removed has the "baden-powell" as his middle name, and my son wants more information and to see if we are related to the founder of scouts. (i dont think we are to be honest, but we do have the powell lineage.)

    where can i find out more information on the name etc?
    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**

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    There’s probably quite a number of lads given Baden-Powell as an honourific middle name - same idea as the many lads who were registered as Herbert Kitchener something or other. I had a Herbert Kitchener Murray in Daddy’s family. Many even had battles as middle name(s) such as a boy in 1915 named Thomas Alsace Lorraine CRAIG. I was helping with this one in a Facebook group. The battle of Alsace Lorraine was the first battle between the French and the Germans in WW1.


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      The scouting Robert Baden-Powell was famous before he ever started the Scouts. He was anArmy Officer in the Boer War and the 'Relief of Mafeking' was under his command. I think, as GL says, there would be quite a few boys given this famous name, along with other similar war heros. The idea for Scouting came to RBP after the heroic efforts of young boys acting as messengers during the fighting.


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        Having searched for all Baden-Powells on Free BMD, the entries date from 1893 onwards and there aren't a huge number of them.