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Trying to find German Records For Ancestors

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  • vera2013

    Currently looking at US records in the hope of getting a clue for German records although have little know!edge of the latter.

    So far surname Feight, Fites, Fait and Fight


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  • Trying to find German Records For Ancestors

    I'm trying to find birth and baptism records and the exact origins for some German ancestors of mine. I'm trying to find the german records for George and Elizabeth Feigh born in 1809/10. The sources for the family are included on there FS profiles I have done rsearch with this family along with someone from reddit. They had the following children Joseph (1841-?) John (1843-1899) George (1844-1940) The family all came from Bvaria, Germany.

    This naturalization document from their son John . The birthplace is "Albien" and I want to find the german records for this family. its likely the surname was spelt as Feicht. All osurces and documents for these people are included on the Fs profiles. I appreciate any and all info that is found.