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    Have finally got round to looking at how many bods are in my tree. After almost 40 years of research into my Mum's maternal family and all lines of Daddy's, the combined tree stands at 5199. Since I took a DNA test in 2017, I have now got a tree for the family of my Mum's birth father. In a couple of months it will be the third anniversary of getting my results and being contacted by someone in the new family and things took off from there. That tree now has 774 people. Much faster progress than my original tree but I am much better at searching now plus I have loads more time to spend researching since I retired and so much is now available online. When I first started it was in the days of pencil, notepad and steam power - there was no internet, barely anything was computerised even in major centres such as Register House in Edinburgh and all the indexes were printed volumes. You were only allowed to view 6 records at a time then you had to climb back down the vertiginous spiral staircase and add your name again to the bottom of the janitor's clipboard. As well as that, you were at the bottom of the pecking order after police officers and solicitors etc. and their clerks. You could be in the dome for the whole day and get very little done. We are so spoiled these days and my fear of heights is no longer a problem LOL
    In 2004, I began a combined tree for my partner, now my husband. Not a lot has been done with it these past five or six years and the number of people stands at 2671.