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Picture Found for Anine Foilor

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    Picture Found for Anine Foilor

    This is a picture that I acquired but I have no relation to her. I wanted to post this to hopefully help someone else with their Family History work.

    I couldn’t find much on her but I did find a website on the name of the place that was printed on the bottom. The picture was taken at a Shop called Gasberg Photography that was located on Historic 25th Street in Ogden UT in 1891.
    This info was found at

    I found another website that had other names and pictures of people that had their pictures taken at the Gasberg shop as well. This information was found at

    The PDF with the pictures in it is located on a google doc at this location

    Wow, you'd think she wouldn't be that hard to find. I'm not convinced about the second letter in the surname

    I wonder about this marriage
    Never mind - didn't look at the date!

    Lucky family, if you connect with them!

    I looked at the online UT death index, but didn't spot her.

    I wonder if the surname is Feilor or Filor.
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