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Postcards from the Pain brothers

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    Postcards from the Pain brothers

    Frank [Franklin] Pain, Roland Pain and Graham Pain were the sons of Oliver Pain & Agnes Louise Berger. (After Agnes's death Oliver married Julia Miriam Allcock). They are not my relations but my great uncle's wife was in service with them and they passed on picture postcards to her for her collection which I now own. I can supply a scan to anyone who has an interest in this family.

    Franklin Pain to Graham Pain 31 Aug 1907
    Indian Postmark 31 Aug 1907 Graham Pain Esqr, Halstead Lodge, Carshalton, Surrey, England
    I hear that you won a bicycle or something for a competition in "Cycling". Write and tell me about it F Pain (on front): Is this anything like Redhill?

    Postmark Bournemouth 1 Sep 1907
    Graham Pain Esq, Halstead Lodge, Carshalton
    Thought you might like a PC too - how's the world with you? - love from F Pain

    Postmark Cambrai 3 Sep 1907
    Mrs Paine, Halstead Lodge, North Street, Carshalton, Angleterre
    What do you think of this French soldier Mrs Paine I think he is very chic. Am spending a lovely jolly time am staying here for another month or five weeks with kindest love to all Mabel Taylor I went to a Dance last night and did not get to bed until 2.30 AM am feeling awfull tired

    Indian Postmark 19 Oct 1907
    Graham Pain Esqr, Halstead Lodge, Carshalton, Surrey, England
    Thanks for letter. It is very easy to hear what is going on in Carshalton over here. I know everything. FP

    03/04/1908 Postmark York
    Mrs Pain, Colebrook, Park Lane, Wallington, Surrey
    Have been up here giving successful trial runs, on 35HP chassis. Did 39 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes yesterday from Doncaster or York. When are you going to Woodside. Frank

    Postmark Birchington 21 Dec 1903
    Roland Pain, 34 Conyers Rd, Streatham Common
    Dear Roland I am sorry I have not written for so long. We go home on Tuesday morning. I hope you will have a happy Xmas I remain your affectionate friend Bernard, WHS Birchington Kent

    Postmark Streatham 8 Sep 1904
    Mrs Pain, 34 Conyers Rd,Streatham, SW

    Postmark Haslemere 27 Aug 1905 G Pain Esq, 35 Conyers Road, Streatham, SW
    Hope you arrived home before the rain started. Only 6 people here at present, but much nicer meals than Thornhill. Wish you were here. Please send round to ask Dr Worth to send me some more medecine - same as the last also some embrocation. Should like it by Tuesday if possible. Yours, M

    Postmark Boulogne sur mer 26 Feb 1906
    Mrs Pain, Halstead Lodge, Carshalton, Surrey, Angleterre
    Dear Mater It was very kind of you to send me the extra shilling for this week. I'm sure it was quite welcome yours Graham