• How to Create a GEDCOM

    Family Tree Maker 2006

    Open the Family View page, click on FILE / EXPORT FILE / ENTIRE FILE

    Once you have done this, you will need to specify a destination folder for the file to be exported to, for example My Documents or Desktop.
    You should also name the GEDCOM at this point, using a filename that you can easily recognise.
    When this is done you need to select the 'save as type' - click on the drop down listing and select GEDCOM (.GED) - see image below.

    Press SAVE and in the following box make sure that the character set says ANSI.

    Click OK. The GEDCOM file should now be saved to the desktop or to the folder that you selected.

    Family Tree Maker 2010

    Open Family View, select FILE / EXPORT.
    In the Export window select either Entire file or Selected individuals, depending on who you want to export.
    In the Output form drop down listing select GEDCOM 5.5 (standard)
    If you wish to privatise living people you should select that option.
    Click OK.

    Specify the destination of the exported file, for example My Documents or Desktop.
    Enter a file name for the file and in the 'save as type' drop down listing select GEDCOM (*.ged)
    Click SAVE.

    The GEDCOM file should now be saved to the desktop or to the folder that you selected.

    Personal Ancestry File (PAF)

    Open your PAF file. Go to FILE and select EXPORT

    In Export box, select other Gedcom 5.5 and char set ANSI
    You will also see on the right hand side of this screen the option to select (or deselect) items such as notes, sources, etc. If you are sending a copy of the file to a contact you may choose not to include some of these items, in which case deselect them.
    Click on EXPORT

    Choose a name for your exported file and select where you wish to save the file, for example My Documents or Desktop.
    Click on EXPORT

    You should then see a box which details the number of individuals and marriages included in your file.

    The icon that you will see for your saved gedcom will look like this -


    Open Legacy
    • Click on File
    • Export to
    • Gedcom File, a new window opens up called Gedcom export
    • The top section is “produce file for”, the first box will probably say Legacy, use the drop down menu to change it to Gedcom 5.5 only. The character set should be ANSI
    • The default is “All records in the family file”, but just to check this, click on Record Selection at the bottom left, a new window opens and you should see a black dot in front of the first option, “All records in the entire Family File”, so just close this window. When you upload your gedcom to this site, it automatically assumes anyone under 100 is living, unless you have entered a death date for them, so there is no need to do anything else.
    • Click on the large box on the top right “Select file name and start export”
    • A new window opens which says “Export Gedcom File” across the top. This is how you are going to decide where to save your gedcom to on your computer. So just browse to choose where you want it to go. If you need help with this, just under the blue line at the top is a box with the words “save in” before it. It will have something written in it, but may not be where you want your file to be. Look to the right of this box, you will see an arrow, then a greyed out folder symbol. If you point to this folder, the words “up one level” will appear. Just keep clicking on this symbol until you get to somewhere like the desktop, so it will be easy for you to find your gedcom again.
    • Look down near the bottom of the window and there will be an empty box called “File name”. type something in here such as “Bloggs Family Tree”
    • Then click save
    • A new box called “Complier information” will open, just click on OK, not cancel or the cross.
    • The export will start and a blue line will move across the bottom of the window. When it has finished a box will appear to tell you that, so just click on Ok
    • You can now close Legacy and if you look on your desktop, or wherever you chose to save to, you will see your gedcom

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