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21-01-12, 10:50

I hope this link works, When I tried to insert an image to this post I did not have the option to add from my pc so ive uploaded the photo to photobucket but as ive never used the site before im not sure if ive done it right.
Ive only just found out today the woman in the photo is not who I thought she was, if anyone has any idea of what date this could be it might help me to figure out who she realy is.

21-01-12, 12:21
I tried to look at the photo by copying and pasting the link but it didn't work for me!

21-01-12, 13:59
No sorry Jen, not working for me either.

21-01-12, 21:00
The options in photobucket are email & im,direct link,html code & img code, I click on direct link but it doesnt bring up the link so I can read it properly, only says copied but doesnt say to where,Im lost with this, does anyone else use this site or how do I just attach the image to my post, it would be alot easier.

Night Owl
21-01-12, 21:39

If you look at this "how to" page and scroll down to the last few paragraphs it explains how to post photos from Photobucket on to here


21-01-12, 22:10
Hi Night Owl, Ive followed the instructions but the code does not turn blue & this is what I get but I still dont think its right the link should be clickable, I dont know what im doing wrong.

21-01-12, 22:11
Oh wow it worked,thank you Night owl.

Night Owl
21-01-12, 22:15
You're welcome - pleased it worked.

Let's hope someone can help with the date now. It might be worth editing your first post so that people know to look on post #6 (or insert the photo into #1)

23-01-12, 00:21
Hi Night Owl, Ive edited my 1st post hopefully some one can give me an idea of the date.

23-01-12, 09:37
I'd say late 1920s mid 1930s for the pic, I notice she isnt wearing a wedding ring, but, maybe not all people wore them?

24-01-12, 02:11
Hi Darksecretz,
Thank you for moving the photo to my original post, The fact she is not wearing a wedding ring bothers me & its the reason I originaly thought she might be Lucy Elizabeth Dawkins born 1895 in Rothwell Northants,who I know never married.My mum many years ago had to have her wedding ring cut off & resized so for 2 weeks she went around without it & was horrified at the thought her mother would find out,in my grandmothers generation it was unheard of for a married woman to go about without a wedding ring,so if for some reason this woman had to take her ring off,im guessing for a photo she would have covered her hand so you couldnt see it was missing. she does look to me an older woman, & now ive just got to figure out who she is.

Anne in Carlisle
24-01-12, 12:07
I think the photo may be a little later than 1920s. It looks just like photos of my granny and her sisters taken in the 1950s! That's the trouble with older ladies though .... they don't follow fashion much! She looks a jolly sort of person anyway and I would say she was about 65 to70.

Edit to say: are we absolutely SURE there is no wedding ring? They were often very thin in those days and I can imagine I can see something there.


25-01-12, 11:11
Anne, am I sure there is no wedding ring, not now,lol, ive always thought its hard to date people from there clothes ,money was tight for all normal working families I cant see anyone getting new clothes very often,never mind keeping up with fashions.She has a half smile on her face & she looks like a lovely lady,im hoping she is my ggrandmother but I dont think I will ever know for sure.