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Laura the Explorer
14-07-10, 13:00
most of one of my lines seem to move to America one to San Franisco but I cant find her in any census. Where do I look to see if she got married on board shipor died please Thank you her name Winifred May Benbow DOB 1893 ship Celtic Arrival 1911


Chris in Sussex
14-07-10, 18:51
There is a podcast on the NA site...'Marriages at sea - fact or fiction?'


"In this talk Dr Christopher Watts examines the range of records, both at The National Archives and elsewhere, that help us trace such events."

Hope it helps.

Uncle John
14-07-10, 19:05
She was still single by the time the Celtic docked at New York on 23 September 1910. (The Ancestry transcription says 1911 but the image of the manifest clearly says 1910). And she hadn't died on the voyage. Her ultimate destination was San Francisco but this record only takes her to New York.

Uncle John
14-07-10, 19:18
I think I've found her death in the California death index.
Winifred Mary Richey
b. 28 Feb 1893 Other Country
d. 12 Jan 1951 California
Mother's name Farry; father's name Benbow

Uncle John
14-07-10, 19:31
Found them in the California voters register in 1935
778 Second Avenue, San Francisco County
Thomas B Richey, chauffeur and Mrs Winifred Richey, housewife. Both voted Democrat.

The California voters register is a bit hit and miss - it isn't indexed very well.

Laura the Explorer
15-07-10, 10:27
Thanks your stars


Uncle John
15-07-10, 10:45
At least you've got some names to work on now.

Elaine ..Spain
15-07-10, 11:51
1920 US census
Thomas Richey b 1895 Wisconsin, Virginia - occ motorman
Winifred Richey b 1894 England

lodging with Margaret Phelan and family
address st Precinct San Francisco 26th Assembly District, San Francisco, California

1920;Census Place: San Francisco Assembly District 26, San Francisco, California; Roll T625_135; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 102; Image: 162.

Uncle John
15-07-10, 12:39
Motorman would translate to electric tram (trolley) driver, since there was no electric subway system in San Francisco. The drivers of the San Francisco cable cars are called gripmen.

Laura the Explorer
16-07-10, 10:54
I wonder if that margaert is my other one that moved there a few years before she she went to pensylvania mmmmmmmmm. Thomas drives a yellow taxi on one census mmmmmmmmm questions lol


Laura the Explorer
16-07-10, 11:17
ooohhhh I think it may be my margaret ann benbow winnifreds sister yah lol
all i have to do now is find her marriage


Laura the Explorer
16-07-10, 12:27
please help is there a record of marriages in pensylvania or masachussas for births there is daughter listed it might tell me margarets maiden name


Elaine ..Spain
16-07-10, 12:37
There are a couple of databases on the Family Search Record site. Click on Search or Browse our Record Collections (http://search.labs.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#start) - click on North America and then scroll down to the list for America - although I think they might be too early for what you are wanting.

Laura the Explorer
16-07-10, 13:13
I can see a few benbows marriages listed but they do not show the first name and when you click on it it says image no longer available.Thanks for your help though