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22-09-09, 11:56
Just browsing through the baptisms for Lewisham -

29 Jan 1801 - Thomas, base son of Priscilla Wilson and Robert Goodear, born 5 Jan, workhouse.
1 Nov 1801 - James son of Sarah Smith (supposed father John Hall) born 10 Oct, workhouse

3 Apr 1803, Guy, John son of..................Loam Pit Hill

15 May 1803, George, son of Mary Rowans by Richard Onion (both married) ( presumably NOT to each other)

11 Mar 1804 James Walker base son of Sukey Jackson, born 7 Mar, workhouse

"Pryer Phypers"
"Mackarinah Pigden"

17 Jan 1808
Reader Ann, daughter of James, and Frances his wife, at his funeral

Olde Crone Holden
22-09-09, 12:14
Oooh, I have a child in my tree who was baptised at his mother's funeral!

And very glad of it too, was I, because his father remarried a woman with the same first name, and until I saw that baptismal note, I had no idea the first wife had died.


Christine in Herts
22-09-09, 18:27
I have noticed a number with the comment "patre defuncto" (I think that that grammar's correct - it's from memory). I understand that to mean "by a deceased father" - I had thought that "posthumus/a" would have been a more likely description.


Little Nell
22-09-09, 18:44
and yesterday I found a baptism when the father had died a year earlier, but no mention in the register.

22-09-09, 21:03
I found the burial of George Dawson in 1849, which gives his age as 49 years - stilling looking for his baptism around 1800. No idea which parish, but 1841 census indicates somewhere in Surrey - and I hope around Lee, Deptford, Rotherhithe !

Quite a lot of twins, I noticed in the Lee Registers.


Jill on the A272
22-09-09, 21:33
One from St James Ratcliffe: Mary Wheeler Gillett's father rejoiced in the name of Alfred the Great Wheeler.

22-09-09, 22:18
How about this transcription
Baptism of Annie Esther Inskip on 11 Jun 1882 at St Michael Cornhill, City of London.
Father's Name Natural Laughter Inskip
Mother's Name Eliza Inskip

She was actually the natural daughter of Eliza Inskip.

Christine in Herts
22-09-09, 23:13
and yesterday I found a baptism when the father had died a year earlier, but no mention in the register.

Presumably an unusually fertile man! ;)


23-09-09, 08:12
I think I found him in the LMA records on ancestry - my George Dawson !!! yippee, now to track him and down and try and prove it.

Baptism - 31 Dec 1800 to Joseph and Mary Dawson, at St Mary Rotherhithe, right where he should have been !!.

Clues - Joseph and Mary had a daughter Diana Elizabeth, and one called Harriet who died at 3 years. George called his daughters Mary Ann and Sophia (wife) Diana/Dinah and Elizabeth.

Joseph, on Harriets burial was called a Blockmaker, but may appear in the directories as Joseph Dawson, Ship Chandler, which was also George's occupation(as well as Sail maker).

The "abodes" named in some of the baptisms and burials are all local to each other, Paradise st, West Lane, Cherry Garden St.

I am hopeful, I may have found George and his family