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19-03-13, 20:14
I have a Joseph Thomas born in Stockton-on-tees and I have him in the 1881 census- doesn't say his age- i think he's 11 months as I have an 1881ish birth for him, he's not on the actual census but he's on the computerised one. Proof below marked as crop 1 added in this thread and 2 in another.

I have him in the 1891 census aged 10 and in 1901 he's 20 but after that he disappears.
Does anyone fancy the challenge of trying to find him?

Crop 1.

19-03-13, 20:15
Crop 2

Chrissie Smiff
19-03-13, 20:55
Are you sure that one isn't Jacob Thomas born June 1870 Stockton?

19-03-13, 21:08
Nup, Jacob is his brother. I have a picture of him here.
Plus Jacob is in earlier census records and bother Joseph & Jacob are in the 1891 census.

19-03-13, 21:45
I could be totally off the mark but have you spotted a John in a later 'census' from Thornaby with the Vinder family, there is a poss other John from Thornaby in Middlesborough, a potter's printer, wonder what you think as this John is still in Stockton

19-03-13, 21:51
I spotted a John Joseph marraige and census but i'm sure he doesn't have a middle name. I went back to Stockton Roots and there's 2 birth records for Joseph & Jacob, there's an entry in 1870 & 1880 for both of them.

19-03-13, 22:03
The marriage 1901 is a John Joseph to Rose Phillips or Elizabeth O'Connor, was just flicking between births as well!

19-03-13, 22:15
Is Jacob a Chapman or is that all sorted

19-03-13, 22:21
That my dear Elaine is a mystery. In birth it's Thomas, a census says Chapman, another census has different children for Evan (Father) and there's no proven marraige for Evan & Mary. We have a thoery that they said they were married to spare the shame of having children out of wedlock as Mary is noted as the servant in one census.

The John Joseph- I'm hoping it's NOT a Phillips as the only sister Emily married George Phillips. I haven't found a Rose yet though.

19-03-13, 22:37
Do you know who James Thomas is with Alfred Chapman:question:

19-03-13, 22:44
Your guess is as good as mine.
To make this easier I'm posting the main family.

Parents- Evan Thomas & Mary Chapman
Children: Alfred Chapman Thomas
Jacob Chapman Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Joseph Thomas
Emily Thomas

Now I have the family of Emily as she's my great grandmother, Jacob and I've just found 3 children for Thomas but I'm sure there's more so it may be that as I have got hints through Mundia that shows 2 more children that are listed as private.

19-03-13, 22:48
Sorry with Pinder :silly: he married Jane Irven

19-03-13, 22:53
I think James is William's son, ie William with the Chapman's

RG13; Piece: 4584; Folio: 109; Page: 13

RG12; Piece: 4050; Folio: 45; Page: 33

or maybe not, mother with them 1881, this is just going by James Stockton so head down again!

19-03-13, 22:55

How about this in the 1911 ?

Joseph Thomas, 30, fitters labourer ( ship engineer trade )
Annie , 25, married 3 years
John Alfred , 2
Josepn 4 months

All born Stockton on Tees.

Address 5 Oxford Street, S. on Tees


19-03-13, 22:58
Funny I'd just print screened to show you the other Thomas names:
I have no idea who the other children actually are. When I tried to find out I got the name Elizabeth Morgan as their mother but there's one little problem with that- it's the name of Evan's mother. Then I found that Evan's father was also named Evan and that 2 more children were born but they were named Thomas & Richard- I have their families.

19-03-13, 23:10
If that is the correct Joseph in the 1911 census, then this could be his marriage.

Joseph Thomas
Annie Doherty
March Q 1908
Stockton 10a - 120


19-03-13, 23:13

THOMAS Joseph Stockton Durham 1908 Jan-Feb-Mar to DOHERTY, Annie

19-03-13, 23:13

19-03-13, 23:19
wait there's an annie/joseph census in 1911 but due to the job description i thought it was a foreign joseph- Assistant Nelpeer Fraces.
When I did a search for that I got a lot of foreign text up.

19-03-13, 23:31
If that census is Joseph then it means that both Joseph & Jacob named their children John Alfred. I'm starting to wonder if the picture I have for Jacob's John is in fact Joseph's John..

19-03-13, 23:38
Thomas Thomas of Beaumont Street

British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920
Name: Thomas Thomas
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1881
Age at enlistment: 33
Birth Parish: Stockton
Birth County: Durham
Document Year: 1914
Regimental Number: 8724
Number of images: 2

brother Joseph 5 Oxford Street
Emily and Jacob mentioned, also his children, sadly killed in action 1915

19-03-13, 23:43
So he didn't die in 1943 then? That's the death I had for him.

19-03-13, 23:52
Thomas married Mary Ellen Doherty, notes through files always says 2 children, they are Winifred and Thomas and all the details are there, Durham Light Infantry

19-03-13, 23:57
There's stacks of pages, Emily is listed as

Emily Thomas 36 9 Neasham Street
Mother Mary 72 3 Lang Street with Jacob 49

Is this sitting right with the info you have for Emily

19-03-13, 23:57
Oh wait I'm mixed up now. I have that marraige for Thomas Thomas, the uncle lol.
I have the younger married to a lydia chilton with 5 children.

So the Uncle has 3 girls- Catherine M- 1881, Winifred- 1891 and another Evan- 1892.
I then have the younger nephew married to Lydia Chilton with 5 children and a death of 1943. Plus on Mundia there's a tree with all the family and the dates match.

20-03-13, 00:00
Checked and the ages are given in the year 1919

20-03-13, 00:07
He has the no. 8724 also

UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919
Name: Thomas Thomas
Birth Place: Stockton
Residence: Stockton
Death Date: 9 Aug 1915
Death Location: France & Flanders
Enlistment Location: Middlesbrough
Rank: Private
Regiment: Durham Light Infantry
Battalion: 2nd Battalion
Number: 8725
Type of Casualty: Killed in action
Theatre of War: Western European Theatre

can't find anything CWGC

British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Name: Thomas Thomas
Regiment or Corps: Durham Light Infantry
Regimental Number: 8725

20-03-13, 00:28
Did Emily marry George Phillips?

Mary widow married 26 yrs I am looking at 1911 with grandau Phillips born Stockton, not sure where Thomas is

20-03-13, 10:38
So sorry for leaving you like that.

Emily did marry George Phillips and had 10/11 kids before dying of cancer in 1935.

I can't find a 1911 census for Thomas either. If he did die in the war then surely the other 2 children must have been born before 1915.

I think I may be wrong about Evan's birth as well as the census records don't actually have Evan on them, I think I got so frustrated about not having anything for him that I jumped at the first record I saw as it matched this other tree.

20-03-13, 21:52
I've found him here and next time I'm in town I'll have a look at our memorial to see what I can get.

20-03-13, 23:27
Thanks for the info, still can't spot Thomas 1901 and 1911.

20-03-13, 23:47
No idea myself. I had the Lydia/Thomas couple and now i can't find him either. I have the children from the war record and winnifred's marraige & death now.

21-03-13, 13:02
I'm starting to wonder if he was with Thomas or in the Navy. I know Jacob was in the Navy as we have a photo of him in uniform.

21-03-13, 16:20
I thought much the same as his army records say he has served before

21-03-13, 17:55
I think I'll have to pop into the library and see what they have.

21-03-13, 22:23
So I've decided to do a general search in the military section of ancestry with just the surname Thomas & Stockton-on-tees, it's actually proven to be quite effective :D

23-03-13, 21:32
I thought I'd found a war record for him but there's an initial of J in the name.


24-03-13, 14:36
Remember the 1911 census with Joseph, Annie & their children John Alfred & Joseph Junior?

Well I have the birth of John Alfred but I can't find anything on Joseph Junior which makes me wonder if they've made a mistake when writing out their census details.

http://www2.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/information.pl?scan=1&r=120118398&d=bmd_1363644324 - John Alfred.

http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=freebmdbirth&h=54838104&ti=5538&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t45725931_p6953196334_kpidz0q3d6953196334z 0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid - John Alfred.