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02-03-13, 23:07
Hmm looking at the 1881 census for my 3x Great Grandfather Christopher Cornforth it says that his occupation was a "time keeper" Does anyone have any idea what that would be for? I've tried the Google search but there's so many different things coming up. http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1881&ssrc=pt_t45725931_p6452225115_kpidz0q3d6452225115z 0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q252c32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpidz0q25 2cpid_m1&srchb=r&gss=angs-d&rank=1&tid=45725931&pid=6452225115&gsfn=Christopher&gsln=Cornforth&msbdy=1806&msbpn__ftp=Durham+City+England&cp=11&cpxt=1&msfng=George&msfns=Cornforth&msmng=Margaret&msmns=Wilkinson&mssng0=Ellen&mssns0=Thorpe&mscng0=John&mscns0=Cornforth&mscng1=Sarah&mscns1=Cornforth&mscng2=Ellen&mscns2=Cornforth&mscng3=Thomas&mscns3=Cornforth&mscng4=Hannah&mscns4=Cornforth&mscng5=Christopher&mscns5=Cornforth&mscng6=Georgue&mscns6=Cornforth&pcat=35&fh=0&h=4272155&recoff=&ppvrjurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk%2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3fdb%3duki1881%26so%3d2%26pcat%3d35% 26ssrc%3dpt_t45725931_p6452225115_kpidz0q3d6452225 115z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q252c32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpidz 0q252cpid_m1%26srchb%3dr%26gss%3dangs-c%26rank%3d1%26tid%3d45725931%26pid%3d6452225115%2 6gsfn%3dChristopher%26gsln%3dCornforth%26msbdy%3d1 806%26msbpn__ftp%3dDurham%2bCity%2bEngland%26cp%3d 11%26cpxt%3d1%26msfng%3dGeorge%26msfns%3dCornforth %26msmng%3dMargaret%26msmns%3dWilkinson%26mssng0%3 dEllen%26mssns0%3dThorpe%26mscng0%3dJohn%26mscns0% 3dCornforth%26mscng1%3dSarah%26mscns1%3dCornforth% 26mscng2%3dEllen%26mscns2%3dCornforth%26mscng3%3dT homas%26mscns3%3dCornforth%26mscng4%3dHannah%26msc ns4%3dCornforth%26mscng5%3dChristopher%26mscns5%3d Cornforth%26mscng6%3dGeorgue%26mscns6%3dCornforth

Elaine ..Spain
02-03-13, 23:14
Timekeeper: A person responsible for making sure things happened on time e.g. worker arriving or departing, trains, coaches, omnibuses, etc.

A useful website for old occupations: http://rmhh.co.uk/occup/a.html

02-03-13, 23:18
Lots of different sorts of time keepers, one was a clerk who kept track of an employees arrival and departure times from his/her occupation.

02-03-13, 23:19
Cheers Elaine.

Heather Positive Thinker
03-03-13, 14:03
There were still timekeepers at the factory where I worked in the office 20 years or so ago. They put out all the time cards for people to clock in and clock out on and then worked out the number of hours worked at the end of the week for each employee. The cards were then collected and sent up to wages department to calculate pay due.

Just looking at the image for your chap - the word "Mine" seems to be added in front of timekeeper, so I think we can assume he checked the working hours of the miners.

03-03-13, 14:20
Not another Miner! Anyway I've added the daughter & family to the tree and in the 1881 census he's with another daughter so i've added them and now i've been given a hint through Mundia to a tree that goes back to the 15th century. If I add info to one site I check the other for trees and it's there that I found a lot more Cornforth than I origonally had.

If you check this you'll see all the connections to my family: