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Westmoreland A

  • Ambleside, Baptist Church
  • Ambleside, Former Methodist Chapel
  • Ambleside, Methodist Church
  • Ambleside, St. Mary's.
  • Appleby, Our Lady of Appleby RC
  • Appleby, Sands Methodist Church
  • Appleby, St Lawrence.
  • Askham, St. Peter.

Westmoreland B

  • Bampton, St.Patrick
  • Bampton, Wesleyan Chapel
  • Barbon, St. Bartholomew
  • Barton, St.Michael
  • Bolton, Methodist Chapel
  • Bolton, All Saints
  • Brougham, St. Ninian.
  • Brougham, St. Wilfred.
  • Burton in Kendal, St. James.

Westmoreland C

  • Cliburn, St Cuthbert
  • Cliburn, Wesleyan Chapel,
  • Clifton, St. Cuthbert.
  • Clifton, Former Wesleyan Chapel
  • Crosby Garrett, Mossgill Loft and Chapel
  • Crosby Garrett, St. Andrews
  • Crosby Garrett, United Church - Now Disused.
  • Crosby Ravensworth, Methodist Chapel, Crosby Ravensworth
  • Crosby Ravensworth, Methodist Chapel, Maulds Meaburn
  • Crosby Ravensworth, St Lawrence
  • Crosthwaite cum Lyth, St. Mary

Westmoreland D

Westmoreland F

Westmoreland G

  • Grasmere, The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Wayside
  • Grasmere, St. Oswald's
  • Great Strickland, St. Barnabus.

Westmoreland H

  • Heversham, St Peter
  • Holme, Holy Trinity.

Westmoreland K

  • Kendal, First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Kendal, Friends Meeting House
  • Kendal, Holy Trinity Parish Church
  • Kendal, Holy Trinity and St. George RC.
  • Kendal, St. George's
  • Kendal, St. Thomas
  • Kendal, Stricklandgate Methodist Church
  • Kirkby Stephen, Fletcher Hill Chapel
  • Kirkby Stephen, Old Catholic Church
  • Kirkby Stephen, Parish Church.
  • Kirkby Thore, Methodist Chapel
  • Kirkby Thore, St Michael

Westmoreland L

  • Langdale, Holy Trinity Church
  • Levens, St. John
  • Lowther, St. Michael

Westmoreland M

  • Mallerstang, St. Mary's Church
  • Milnthorpe, St. Thomas
  • Morland, Methodist Chapel, Kings Meaburn
  • Morland, St Lawrence

Westmoreland N

Westmoreland O

  • Orton, All Saints.

Westmoreland P

  • Pooley Bridge, St. Paul.
  • Preston Patrick, St. Patrick

Westmoreland R

  • Rydal, St. Mary's

Westmoreland S

  • Shap, St Michael
  • Soulby, Methodist Church
  • Soulby, St. Luke

Westmoreland T

  • Temple Sowerby, St James,
  • Temple Sowerby, Wesleyan Chapel

Westmoreland U

Westmoreland W

  • Windermere, Carver United Reformed .
  • Windermere, Methodist Church
  • Windermere, Methodist Church, Bowness-on-Windermere.
  • Windermere, Our Lady of Windermere & St Herbert RC
  • Windermere, St John Evangelist. (Disused)
  • Windermere, St. Martin, Bowness-on-Windermere.