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Can you see what I mean?
Can you see what I mean?
==Eleventh Century==
{| width="100%" height="35px" border="1" cellpadding="5"
! width="5%"|'''YEAR'''
! width="15%"|'''MONARCH'''
! width="20%"|'''POLITICAL/CONFLICTS'''
! width="20%"|'''SOCIAL/EPIDEMICS'''
! width="20%"|'''INVENTIONS/DISCOVERIES'''
! width="20%"|'''NOTABLE EVENTS'''
|1066||William the Conqueror||[http://www.battle-of-hastings-1066.org.uk/ Battle of Hastings] ||If you add text in here which is longer than one line, what will happen || ||
|1087||William II || || || ||
|1100||Henry I|||| || ||

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Clare - you need to click on EDIT to see the coding I have used here.

This is how the Witney images look at the moment


Friends' Meeting House. Submitted by Merry Monty Montgomery ‎
Former Primitive Methodist Chapel. Submitted by Pippa Doll ‎
St Mary's. Submitted by Pippa Doll ‎
Methodist Church. Submitted by claretaylor22 ‎
High Street Methodist Church. Submitted by claretaylor22 ‎

the coding that should be used:


[[Image:|thumb|150px|Submitted by]] [[Image:|thumb|150px|Submitted by]] [[Image:|thumb|150px|Submitted by]] [[Image:|thumb|150px|Submitted by]]

[[Image:|thumb|150px|Submitted by]]

As you can see the photos are done in sets of four - once you have four images in the first set then you need a new block of coding.

The reason why you only have three on the first line, and the 4th image went on to a second line, is because there is a between the 3rd and 4th image which needs to come out. You then need to paste a new block of coding and add the 5th image into that. Can you see what I mean?