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Old St Peter's stands as a ruin on the riverside road, parts of the structure have been on the site since the 12th century though the building is predominantly 17th century in date. The main window (visible in both photographs), is unusual in that it faces South. An old documented history of the church architecture notes that two outside staircases gave access to the four galleries within the church and a session house built over a small structure at the eastern end. Local stone is used throughout the building but alas the church was deemed unsafe in 1830 and ceased to be used in 1832.

Opened for worship in 1871 the now disused St Andrew's Church was the first Free Church in Thurso. By 1900 it had become part of the United Free Church and by 1929 part of the Church Of Scotland. During 1946 St Andrew's united with St Peter's Church to form St Peter's and Saint Andrew's Church, the two church buildings were used on alternate weekends until 1968 when St Andrew's closed.

St Peter & The Holy Rood Episcopal Church is a late 19th century building, many local people contributed to the construction costs either directly or by organising fundraising events, the site, donated by Sir Tollemache Sinclair, saw the foundation stone laid in 1884. Worship commenced the following year although the building was still to be completed, financial problems were ever present and due to debts the building was not formally consecrated until 1890. Architect Mr. Alexander Ross of Inverness had originally incorporated a chancel into the design, again money constraints meant this feature was not started until 1905 and dedicated the following year. Funding for the chancel was met by Mrs. Sinclair of Barrock who played a major role in the funding campaign for the original building.

Originally built in 1833 as St Peter's, the building now known as St Peter and St Andrew Church is a well known landmark in the town. The original capacity of around 1800 were seated on both upstairs and downstairs pews, the upper pews remain but the lower pews were replaced in 1914, in the same year the pipe organ was installed.

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