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Sitting close to the A1 trunk road Houndwood church appears to the passer-by as a neat and well maintained place of worship. However looks are deceiving, the building has for many years been privately owned and ceased to be used for religious ceremonies quite some time ago. The church stands on the original alignment of the A1 and the burial ground, maintained to a neat standard still retains many headstones. Recent plans to convert the building to a crematorium are under discussion. Few buildings within the area have the transport connections and capacity (the building can hold around 200 people. The congregation from the church now use the village hall in the next village of Grantshouse to the north.


Hutton Parish Church is quite a large church for a rural area, (the parish incorpaorates the ancient parish of Fishwick). The building is mid 18th century, capacity of around 700 at the time of construction and has a peaceful churchyard with some very early stones close to the building. Many large stones have been placed around what appears to be a structure in the kirkyard, now overgrown the structure may be a memorial burial crypt but it is difficult to say what it may be.

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