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JACK Inverness shire uncle_wilf

JACK Edinburgh Dalkeith,Granton,Leith poytheboy

JACKSON County Durham (mostly Beamish area) Barbara Dodds

JACKSON Manchester Suejmog

JACKSON Manchester and Yorkshire chimleys_66

JACKSON Co Durham. Mainly Stanhope, Muggleswick, Medomsley and Consett/Northumberland Stonecroft and Haydon Bridge. Jimi Hendrix II

JACKSON Northumberland, particularly the Corbriddge or Mickley/Hedley areas lindainherriotcountry

JACKSON Tottington Lower/Higher End Bury Lancashire Matt's Mum

JACOB Isle of Wight Grampa Jim

JACQUES from Leicester and Colchester WendyPusey

JAHN Middlesex Valerie Wish Id Never Started

JAMES Bristol Lisajb

JAMES Somerset (mostly Minehead) Kaye LaLa*

JARDINE Maybole, Ayrshire and Kilmarnock/Glasgow, Scotland Bel

JARNELL Lincolnshire Jennie from Lincs

JARVIS Leicestershire JoJo

JARVIS Hertfordshire Lucia

JEARY Norwich Polly

JEFFERIES Lymington, Hamps and Isle of Wight WendyPusey

JENKINS Bedfordshire Lucia

JENKINS Llandovery (Carm) Guinevere

JENNAWAY Letcombe Bassett, Berkshire Carolyn Parkins

JENNINGS pre 1820 Bristol, post 1820 east London maz in the east end

JENNINGS Birmingham Yvonne the Sandgrounder

JENNINGS Lancs/Birmingham /London before moving to Manchester (1851) and then Sheffield area about 1870Suejmog

JEPHCOTT Coventry Mark Dudley

JEPSON London & Lincolnshire GeneJeannie

JERRISON Stockport & Newark JoJo

JESSON Salford Laura the Explorer

JESSOP Kent Grampa Jim

JESSUP Lambeth but dating back to Gravesend and surrounding areas of Kent McAnne in Kent

JEWETT/JEWITT South Shields [ElaineM

JOEL Middlesex Valerie Wish Id Never Started

JOHN Meline, Pembrokeshire plainy janey

JOHNSON Lambeth Surrey Just Gillian

JOHNSON Lancashire Dea

JOHNSON London Louise Pritchett

JOHNSON Glossop, Derbyshire Louise

JOHNSON Long Itchington rebekahm28

JOHNSON St Georges in East, Stepney, Poplar ,Leyton Annie

JOHNSON Walsall rebekahm28

JOHNSON Yorkshire rebekahm28

JOHNSON Everton area of Liverpool dobbo

JOHNSON Kent Grampa Jim

JOHNSON Yorkshire SBPF Wendy

JOLIFFE Kent London and Sussex area Margaret from Kent

JOLLIFFE Isle of Wight Grampa Jim

JONES Aberdare & Llantwituairdre, Glamorgan Sue of West Oz

JONES Berriew, The Belton, Mongomery Sue of West Oz

JONES Neath, South Wales bryan from cilfrew

JONES Salford uncle_wilf

JONES Boston, Lincs Micheal

JONES Shropshire Wilf

JONES Yorkshire jc26red

JONES Kent London and Sussex area Margaret from Kent

JONES Llanwenarth (Brecknock)/Llanelly (Brechnock)/Clydach (Brecknock)/Maesgwartha (Brecknock)/Llanover (Monmouthshire) Guinevere

JONES North Wales dotty dot

JONES TRE WILMOT/TRE WILNOD Holyhead Anglesey clematised

JONES Wales Helen x x x

JONES Ystradfellte, Brecon plainy janey

JOSELAND Devon/London queenbee

JOSEPHY Yorkshire (Leeds) and Mecklenberg, Germany Sally

JUBY Norfolk lacemaker

JUDD Devon and South Wales Kim

JUDD Lower Wallop, Hamps and Isle of Wight WendyPusey

JOHNSTONE Carol Ann From up north

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