Roxburghshire Towns and Villages G

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Old Burial Ground, Galashiels.
Ladhope Parish Church, Galashiels.


Free Church built 1875, demolished 1980, site unknown.
Glasite Chapel or Meeting house c1842 in Botany Lane, single building incorporating now disused residence and chapel, located in an industrial area and latterly used as part of an industrial works.
Parish Church 1617-1813, the only remains are the Gala Aisle.
Parish Church c1813-1960, worship ceased in 1931 and demolished in 1960.

Haliburton; Records suggest a chapel stood close to Haliburton Farm on the northern extremes of Galashiels, founded in the twelfth century and destoyed in 1545 by the Earl of Hertford. No visible remains today, but graves and foundations were discovered in the farmhouse garden, the adjacent field has for many years been known as Preist's Field

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