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Hi my name is Christine aka Chrissy Confused, I was born and raised in Reading, Berkshire but have lived for the last 26 years in Worcester. I got into researching my family when in 2006 my husband brought me a laptop and I googled Genealogy and was hooked.

I started by researching my Penny/Whitbread lines and soon added the Long's and Hazell's. The Penny's hit a brick wall after not being able to find the Birth of a certain Robert Penny c1764 somewhere in Somerset. The Whitbreads I did better on with the help of a chap who is doing a one-named study for Whitbread/Whitebread, and managed to get to 1622 in the Rushall area of Wiltshire.

The Long's have cause all sorts of trouble, even with the help of some on here, have only managed to get to 1827 in the Bristol/Gloucester area, the Hazell's are just as bad, only back as far as 1851 in Berkshire, but am going to Reading soon, so I may be able to amend that.

I then added my husband side which are the Upwood/Harrison and Element/Jackman all seem to be in the London/Middlesex area and all lines back to late 1700's.