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Shetland Parishes

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Shetland Parishes A

  • Aithsting, Tresta Methodist
  • Aithsting, Selivoe Gospel Hall
  • Aithsting, Twatt Kirk disused

Shetland Parishes B

  • Bressay, Bressay Kirk
  • Burra, Bridge End Kirk
  • Burra, Bridge End Baptist Church
  • Burra, Meal Kirk

Shetland Parishes C

  • Cunninsburgh Kirk

Shetland Parishes D

  • Deltin, Voe Kirk
  • Dunrossness Baptist Church
  • Dunrossness, Bigton Kirk
  • Dunrossness, Kirk
  • Dunrossness, Methodist Church

Shetland Parishes F

Shetland Parishes L

  • Lerwick, Adam Clark Methodist Church
  • Lerwick, Baptist Church
  • Lerwick, Congregational Church.
  • Lerwick, Gulberwick Kird
  • Lerwick, St Columba Church of Scotland
  • Lerwick, St. Magnust Scottis Episcopal Church
  • Lerwick, St. Olaf's Hall, formerly United Free Church
  • Lerwick, Former church of St. Ringan, now Lerwick Library

Shetland Parishes M

  • Mid Yell, East Yell Methodist Church
  • Mid Yell, West Sandwick Kirk, disused

Shetland Parishes N

  • Northmavine, Hillswick Kirk
  • Northmavine, Ollabery Kirk

Shetland Parishes P

Shetland Parishes Q

  • Quarff, Kirk

Shetland Parishes S

  • Sandness, Kirk
  • Sandness, Methodist Church
  • Sandness, Chapel in churchyard at Melby
  • Sandwick, Kirk
  • South Yell, Burravoe Scottist Episcopal Church
  • South Yell, Hamnavoe Kirk

Shetland Parishes T

  • Tingwall, Kirk
  • Tingwall, Scalloway Kirk
  • Tingwall, Scalloway Methodist church

Shetland Parishes U

  • Unst, St. John's Kirk

Shetland Parishes W

  • Walls, Methodist Church
  • Walls, St. Paul's Kirk
  • Weisdale, Kirk

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