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BAILEY George Henry Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BAILEY Gertrude May Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BAILEY Joan Ellen Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BELL/HIGGINS Nehemiah 14th July 1839, Leeds Manda from Yorkshire

BELL/FORSYTH Elizabeth Glasgow 1859 Caroline

BISSET/GREIG Margaret CRAIL 26/11/1765 norahmason

BLUNDEN/RANSLEY Alice Emily Parish Church, Halifax, 1913 chimleys_66

BOYCE/LYE Joseph 1867 Wells, Somerset Nessmcd

BRADSHAW/HUTCHINS Annie Cathedral, Manchester 1861 chimleys_66

BREWITT/FOSTER Sophia Married 1837 Epping, Essex Maz in East End

BROWN/McCALLUM John Glasgow 1872 Caroline

BURNS/WALL Emily St.Matthews, Campfield, manchester, 1889 chimleys_66

BURNS/McCAULEY (NEE DWYER) John William St Matthews, Manchester, 1895 chimleys_66

BURTON/MOLYNEUX Hannah/William, 26 Feb 1854 Liverpool. William's occ. labourer. Parents Thomas Burton (farmer) and Thomas Molyneux (shoemaker) AlanC

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