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Can you photograph any of the following Places of Worship for our Project?

Please remember that this is not a definitive list. Do keep an eye out for those Places of Worship we have yet to identify eg New Life, Congregational, Baptist, Primitive and Wesleyan converted chapels, ruins, and non Christian for example.

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Lincolnshire A

  • Amber Hill, St John the Baptist
  • Apley, St Andrew
  • Asgarby, St Andrew
  • Ashby de la Launds, St Hybald,
  • Aslackby, St James
  • Aubourn, St Peter

Lincolnshire B

  • Barholm, St Martin,
  • Barkston, Methodist, West St
  • Barkston, St Nicholas,
  • Barlings, St Edward the Confessor,
  • Barnack Methodist, Main Road (Stamford)
  • Bassingham, Wesleyan Methodist, High St
  • Bassinghtorpe, St Thomas a Beckett,
  • Beckingham, All Saints,
  • Billingborough, Methodist High st
  • Bitchfield, St Mary Magdalene
  • Blankney, St Oswald,
  • Bloxholm, St Mary,
  • Boothby Graffoe, St Andrew,
  • Boothby Pagnell, St Andrew,
  • Bourne, Spiritualist Church, 19a North St
  • Braceborough, St Margaret,
  • Bracebridge Heath, Methodist, Grantham Rd
  • Bracebridge Heath, St John the Evangelist,
  • Bracebridge, All Saints,
  • Bracebridge, Primitive Methodist,
  • Brandon, St John the Evangelist,
  • Branston Booths Methodist, Moor Lane
  • Brant Broughton, Wesleyan Reform Methodist,
  • Brant Broughton, Quakers, Society of Friends Meeting House,
  • Brant Broughton, St Helen,
  • Brant Broughton, Wesleyan Methodist,
  • Brauncewell, All Saints,
  • Brigg, New Life Church, 15 Pingley Meadow
  • Broughton, Methodist
  • Brumby, St Hugh see Scunthorpe
  • Brumby, St Mark Methodist, see Scunthorpe
  • Burton Coggles, St Thomas of Canterbury,
  • Butterwick, nr Boston, St Andrew,

Lincolnshire C

  • Canwick, All Saints,
  • Careby, St Stephen,
  • Carlton le Moorland, St Mary,
  • Carlton Scroop, St Nicholas,
  • Carrington, St Paul,
  • Castle Bytham, St James,
  • Caythorpe, St Vincent,
  • Cherry Willingham, Methodist, Croft Lane
  • Coates by Stow, St Edith,
  • Colsterworth, Methodist, Back Lane
  • Coningsby, Holy Spirit, RAF Coningsby
  • Coningsby, Our Lady of Coningsby
  • Corby Glen, Methodist ,Station rd
  • Corby Glen, Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Corby Glen, St John the Evangelist,
  • Cranwell, St Andrew,
  • Cranwell, RAF College
  • Creeton, St Peter,
  • Cumberworth, St Helen,

Lincolnshire D

  • Deeping St James, Methodist, Church st
  • Deeping St James, Our Lady of Lincoln and St Guthlac. Hereward Way
  • Deeping St Nicholas, Methodist, Main Rd , Hop pole
  • Deeping St Nicholas, St Nicholas,
  • Dembleby, St Lucia,
  • Denton, St Andrew,
  • Digby, St Thomas a Beckett,
  • Dorrington, St Jamesand St John,
  • Dowsdale, see Whaplode
  • Driby, St Michael,
  • Dunston, Methodist, Chapel Lane

Lincolnshire E

  • Eagle, All Saints,
  • Eagle, Methodist,
  • Eaton nr Grantham, Methodist,
  • Edenham, St Michael,
  • Epworth, St Andrew,

Lincolnshire F

  • Fenton, All Saints,
  • Fishtoft, Latterday Saints, Mormon. Woodthorpe Ave
  • Fiskerton, St Clement,
  • Folkingham, St Andrew,
  • Foston, St Peter,
  • Frieston, St James,
  • Frithville, Methodist,
  • Frithville, St Peter,
  • Froghall - see Wildmore
  • Fulbeck, St Nicholas

Lincolnshire G

  • Gainsborough, Quakers, Society of Friends' Meeting House,
  • Gainsborough, New Life Christian Fellowship, Middlefield Lane
  • Gainsborough, St George
  • Garthorpe, Wesleyan Methodist,
  • Gedney Hill, Holy Trinity,
  • Gipsey Bridge, Methodist, Leagate rd
  • Gosberton Clough, Methodist,Beck Bank
  • Gosberton Clough, St Gilbert and St Hugh,
  • Gosberton Risegate, Methodist, Risegate Rd
  • Grantham Central Methodist Finkin St
  • Grantham Christian Fellowship, 21 Belton Ave
  • Grantham Methodist Harrowby Lane
  • Grantham, Christian Science Group, Broad st
  • Grantham, St Mary the Immaculate, North Parade
  • Grantham, United Reformed church, Castlegate
  • Great Gonerby, Green St Methodist?
  • Great Ponton, Holy Cross,
  • Greatford, St Thomas of Canterbury,
  • Greetwell, All Saints,
  • Gunby, (Grantham) St Nicholas,

Lincolnshire H

  • Hammeringham, All Saints
  • Harby, All Saints
  • Harmston, All Saints
  • Heighington, Methodist, Station Rd
  • Heighington, St Thomas
  • Holbeach Hurn, St Luke
  • Holland Fen, All Saints,
  • Honington, St Wilfrid,

Lincolnshire I

  • Immingham Mission Church, Dock
  • Ingoldsby Methodist, Main St
  • Irnham, St Andrew,

Lincolnshire K

  • Kelby, St Andrew,
  • Ketton, Methodist Bull Lane (Nr Stamford)
  • Killingholme, under North and south
  • Kirkby Underwood, St Mary and All Saints,
  • Kirton Holme, Christchurch,
  • Knipton, Methodist

Lincolnshire L

  • Langtoft, St Michael,
  • Lea, Methodist
  • Lincoln, Antiochian Orthodox Church, Burton Rd Roundabout
  • Lincoln, Birchwood Methodist, Birchwood Ave
  • Lincoln, Brant Road Methodist
  • Lincoln, Burton Rd Methodist
  • Lincoln, Christadelphian, Princess St
  • Lincoln, Christian Fellowship
  • Lincoln, Emmanuel Christian Centre, 107-115 Newark Rd
  • Lincoln, Ermine West Methodist, Trelawney Cres
  • Lincoln, German Lutherian church, Bailgate
  • Lincoln, Holy Cross,
  • Lincoln, Independent Chapel - see Lincoln, Newland Congregational
  • Lincoln, Kingdom Hall. Jehovah's witnesses
  • Lincoln, Latterday saints, Mormon. Skellingthorpe Rd
  • Lincoln, Maranatha Interdenominational community
  • Lincoln, Moorland Park Methodist, Skellingthorpe Rd
  • Lincoln, Mother Earth, High St, (Saltergate end)
  • Lincoln, Newland Congregational,
  • Lincoln, Newland New Life Christian Fellowship, 22 Newland
  • Lincoln, Portland Place Primitive Methodist - see Lincoln,
  • Lincoln, Quakers, Society of Friends, 1 Park St
  • Lincoln, South Bar Congregational,
  • Lincoln, Spiritualist Association 377 High St
  • Lincoln, St Anne,
  • Lincoln, St Columba's Community Church, Ecumenical/Meth
  • Lincoln, St George,
  • Lincoln, St Giles Methodist
  • Lincoln, St Helen,
  • Lincoln, St Luke,
  • Lincoln, St Matthew,
  • Lincoln, St Matthias,
  • Lincoln, St Peter and Paul, RC
  • Lincoln, Swallowbeck Methodist,
  • Lincoln, West Parade Methodist,
  • Little Bytham, SS Medard and Gildard,
  • Little Ponton, St Guthlac,

Lincolnshire M

  • Mareham on the Hill, All Saints,
  • Market Deeping, St Guthlac,
  • Market Rasen, New life church, Caistor Rd
  • Marston, St Mary,
  • Martin, Holy Trinity,
  • Metheringham, Methodist, High st
  • Monksthorpe, Baptist, Gunby Hall estate nr Spilsby
  • Moorhouses, St Andrew,
  • Morton (Gainsborough), Baptist
  • Moulton, Methodist Bell Lane
  • Moulton Seas End, Mission,
  • Moulton Seas End, Anglican / Methodist Ecumenical
  • Mumby, St Leonard - see Chapel St Leonards
  • Mumby Chapel - see Chapel St Leonards

Lincolnshire N

  • Navenby, Methodist, High St
  • Navenby, St Peter,
  • New Bolingbroke, St Peter,
  • New Clee, SS John and Stephen and Shalom, see Cleethorpes
  • Nocton, All Saints,
  • Normanton, St Nicholas,
  • North & South Clifton, St George,
  • North Hykeham, All Saints,
  • North Hykeham, Faith christian fellowship 317 Newark rd
  • North Hykeham Methodist, Chapel Lane
  • North Hykeham, St Hugh,
  • North Rauceby, St Peter,
  • North Reston, Methodist
  • North Scarle, All Saints,
  • North Scarle, Methodist, High St
  • North Witham, St Mary,
  • Northlands (Sibsey) Methodist
  • Northorpe, Methodist, Chapel Lane
  • Northorpe, Primitive Methodist,
  • Northorpe, St John the Baptist,
  • Norton Disney, St Peter,

Lincolnshire O

  • Osbournby, Methodist North st
  • Owston, Methodist,
  • Owston Ferry Methodist

Lincolnshire P

  • Pinchbeck, Baptist
  • Pinchbeck, St Mary,
  • Potterhanworth, Methodist, Barff rd
  • Potterhanworth, St Andrew,

Lincolnshire Q

  • Quarrington, St Botolph,

Lincolnshire R

  • Rippingale, St Andrew,
  • Risegate, Free Methodist,
  • Rowston, St Clement,
  • Ruskington, Methodist
  • Ruskington, All Saints,

Lincolnshire S

  • Sapperton, St Nicholas,
  • Scotter, St Peter,
  • Scotton, St Genewys,
  • Screddington, St Andrew,
  • Seathorne Methodist,
  • Sibsey, St Margaret,
  • Silk Willoughby, St Denis,
  • Skillington, Methodist
  • Skillington, St James,
  • Skirbeck Quarter, St Thomas,
  • Sleaford, Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Sleaford, Methodist,
  • Sleaford, New Life church, Mareham Lane
  • Sleaford, Spiritualist Church, 100 Westgate
  • Sleaford, St Denys,
  • Sleaford, United Reform Church, Southgate
  • Somerby, St Mary Magdalene,
  • South Hykeham, St Michael and All Angels,
  • South Stoke - see Stoke Rochford
  • South Witham, St John the Baptist
  • Spanby, St Nicholas
  • Spitalgate, St John the Evangelist
  • Spital in the Street, St Edmund
  • Stainfield, St Andrew
  • Stapleford, All Saints
  • Stoke Rochford, SS Andrew and Mary
  • Stragglethorpe, St Michael
  • Stroxton, All Saints
  • Sturton Magna - see Great Sturton
  • Surfleet, St Lawrence
  • Sutterby, St John the Baptist
  • Sutton on sea, Christian Centre, 48 high st
  • Sutton St Edmund, St Edmund
  • Swayfield, St Nicholas
  • Swinderby, All Saints
  • Swinstead, St Mary
  • Syston, St Mary

Lincolnshire T

  • Temple Bruer, St John the Baptist,
  • Thornton le Fen - see Wildmore
  • Thorpe Fen Dykes, Methodist
  • Thorpe on the Hill Anglican/Methodist Local Ecumenical Partnership Amalgam of 2 below?
  • Thorpe on the Hill, Methodist,
  • Thorpe on the Hill, St Michael and All Angels,
  • Thurlby, St German,

Lincolnshire U

  • Uffington, St Michael and All Angels,

Lincolnshire W

  • Waddington, Methodist,
  • Waddington, St Michael,
  • Wainfleet, St Mary,
  • Wainfleet, St Thomas - see Northolme
  • Washingborough, Methodist
  • Washingborough, St John the Evangelist
  • Welbourn, St Chad,
  • West Allington - see Allington
  • West Deeping, St Andrew
  • Weston Hills, St John
  • Whaplode Methodist, Dowsdale Bank
  • Whaplode Drove, St John the Baptist,
  • Wildsworth, St John,
  • Wilksby, All Saints,
  • Wilsford, St Mary,
  • Wilsthorpe, St Faith,
  • Winterton, Trinity Methodist
  • Worlaby by Louth, St Clement
  • Wrangle, SS Mary and Nicholas,
  • Wroot, St Pancras,
  • Wyberton, Boston United Reformed Church
  • Wyville, St Catherine,

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