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SAGGERS Elizabeth Abigail 1848 nappycat

SCHOFIELD Ivor Born Todmorden 1912 Sheila from Down Under

SCOTT John GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE 1862 Kate from Scotland

SHARP Catherine Thomson, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, 1861, daughter of William Sharp and Betsy Thomson Sinclair Just Gillian

SHEPPARD William 1862 Son of Henry and Mary Marshall, Lewisham Nessmcd

SHEPHERD John, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, 1870, son of John Shepherd and Helen Hutchison Just Gillian

SINCLAIR James (1823) Edrom, Berwickshire Peter SINCLAIR Jane PRINGLE Lindores

SIMPSON Agnes Glasgow 1893 Caroline

SMALL Andrew 6/11/09 NEWTYLE FIFE Robert Small/Margaret Kidd norahmason

SMITH William Herkes, North Berwick, Haddington, 1866, son of Thomas Dixon Smith and Helen Herkes (?) Just Gillian

SOUTER William 2/11/1709 NEWTYLE FIFE William Souter.Margaret Ffullarton norahmason

SPOWART Margaret 7/2/1835 BO'NESS Thomas Spowart/Alison Aitken norahmason

STEEN Malcolm GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE 1867 Kate from Scotland

STEVENSON Mary Stewart, Stronsay Orkney, 1873, daughter of William Stevenson and Jemima Leslie Just Gillian

STEVENSON Marion 15/3/1835 BO'NESS Andrew Stevenson/Charlotte Nimmo norahmason

STEWART Elijah, Pitsligo, Aberdeen, 1859, son of James Stewart and Catherine Whyte Just Gillian

STEWART Peter 14/10/1709 NEWTYLE FIFE Charles Stewart/Catherine Tendall norahmason

STEWART Helena BRIDGETON GLASGOW 1867 Kate from Scotland

STIRLING Mary, Kilsyth, Stirling 1887 daughter of Robert Stirling and Helen Patrick Just Gillian

STRUTHERS John Glasgow 1865 Caroline

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