Further to post of writing of my undiscovered hall family that were in Hampshire instead of surrey (where most of them all where)

I have done this marathon written tree. My wrist and fingers hurt as well but I got there in the end. I think I will be worth it as I found written descriptions for some ancestors and they were brilliant.
This came from Ted Roe book “Old Fleet and Crookham” and he quote from Grace Lefroy ‘s book “History of Crookham” found a t Southampton library

On Sundays Farmer Hall came out in a tall beaver hat and frilled shirt and a figured blue satin waistcoat, and he always wore a pink and white striped carnation in his buttonhole. He was great man for cricket and d cricket was played on Sunday afternoons near the North Horns , with the approval of Mr. Lefroy and the squire who were influenced by the view s of the Rev Charles Kingsley of Eversley on manly Christianity- viz.’ that Sunday was meant both for worship and recreation to the benefit of the whole man, soul and body and not for loafing.

And I hate writing.
This is the template I use
When writing it up
But I do need to use colours but have not worked out how to do this yet

Date of birth
Where born
Date of baptism
Where baptized
Date of marriage
Who married?
Where were they married?
Spouse’s date of birth
Where were spouse were they born
Who were spouse parents?
Spouses date of death
Where spouse died
Spouse grave info and where they died
Date of death
Where they died
Grave no etc
Census info
Any other info and stories
Where info came from and proof