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Thread: V M Hughes? Elson?

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    V M Hughes? Elson?

    I am looking for the person who originally set me off on the family tree trail.
    she was born 18 December 1926, in Herriard, Hampshire. She is/was my husband's mother and 'disappeared' around 1954. At that time she was living in Axford.

    Her mother was Sarah Jane (Sissie) Fosberry born 1897; father was George Hughes born 1886 - both in the Basingstoke area of Hampshire. Her husband was (Bob) Elson born in Somerset.

    When Bob wanted to remarry she was unable to be found. Again, when her sister wanted to adopt my husband she was nowhere to be found. The assumption is that she either changed her name or was deceased.

    As she suffered from epilepsy and had been hopitalised just prior to her disappearance I wondered if it was possible to trace her through hospital records. But where to start.
    Does anyone know?

    Sorry, our T&Cs dont allow living people to be identified. Anyone wanting to help with anything other than general advice may contact you by private message . If your father in law is deceased we can restore his details.
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    Hello Racder

    I don't think you can use hospital records to find anyone - there is no facility for a start and HRs would normally be closed for 75 years anyway.

    One avenue open to you is her National Insurance number. It used to be possible to find out at least when the person died. I don't know if that is still possible.

    You say your FIL "tried to find her". How did he do this, do you mean he used a professional, or just made a few enquiries himself?

    The Salvationa Army will undertake a search but I believe that they only deal with fairly recent disapparances. No harm in asking though!


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    few deaths born 18 Dec 1926, maybe she is amongst them ?

    NAME: V H
    BIRTH: 18 Dec 1926
    DEATH: Apr 1989 - Oldham, Lancashire, England

    NAME: V H
    BIRTH: 18 Dec 1926
    DEATH: Mar 1983 - Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England

    Sorry Val but I have had to edit out the names of possible living people. Could you PM Racder if you would like to try and help. I know these are deceased but would give her name
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    do you know her middle name ?

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    Yes, sorry, her full name was V M E nee H. Her husband was Walter Robert (Bob) Elson who died in 1988. I am assuming that 'Vi' is also dead as her health was not good.

    I am sorry but, as you will see from my message on your first post, until such time as a death can be confirmed I have had to remove her name again. Please could you advise Val of the details by a Private Message. You do this my clicking on her name and you will see the box come up.
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    Hello OC, I didn't think the hospital records were possible but thought it worth a try.

    We have no idea what her National Insurance number was

    I think my father in law's solicitor tried to find Vi but my guess is that that was via a couple or so ads in newspapers?

    I tried the Salvation Army years ago but they refused as my husband was adopted - even though his mother would not have known that.

    A distant cousin said that she "had heard that Vi had 'taken up' with someone from the fairgrounds" so I guess she could have gone anywhere. Do you know if there are records of travellers' families?


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    have pmd you


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