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Thread: Carlisle and Cumberland lookups offered

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    Really sorry, GL. I just don't have enough time for such a large search.
    Anne x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne in Carlisle View Post
    Really sorry, GL. I just don't have enough time for such a large search.
    Anne x
    Anne, a wee update. I have just had a message from a grand daughter. Nobody has his birth cert as far they know but his death cert says he was born in Whitehaven. Presumably then it was the town itself, or do English registrars use registration district of birth on the death cert too?

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    OK well that's a start then! Lets hope the person registering the death knew that was the case and wasn't generalising like they do on cesuses! I'm really sorry but it will be next week now before I can go. The archive is only open to the public Wed to Fri but I'm a bit less busy next week so will try and mske it Wednesday.

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    Thanks Anne. I think we now have a bit more info from indexes etc, as I have been told he married again and had a daughter Blanche, now deceased.
    I am hoping to confirm parents as Archibald TURNER and Amelia WEBSTER. We are still in the dark as to his occupation and residence.
    2nd son Joseph born 1922. 30 September??
    Amelia died in 1925.
    Archibald remarries in 1928 to Edith WALKER. Ni idea what happened to Edith. This is one odd family, I cannot find Blanche or her mother anywheres in 1939 either together or separately.
    Archibald dies in Whitehaven in 1932
    Blanche born 1929 dies 2009 in Carlisle.

    More importantly, I have Archibald born 1884 and his first census says born High Harrington. Kelly's directory in 1925 shows him as a private resident at 14 Archer Street, Harrington. Obviously not exactly Whitehaven for him!! All his vitals are recorded as Whitehaven except for the first marriage which was Bolton.
    I suspect Edward may be Harrington as well.

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    I went to the Archive this morning. They do have West Cumberland PR films so I looked at the baptisms in parishes listed below from October 1917 to April 1923, in case Edward and his brother Joseph might have been baptised together. Sadly there was no sign of any Turners. Sorry! Anne
    Harrington, St Mary
    Whitehaven, Christ Church
    Whitehaven, Holy Trinity
    Whitehaven, St James
    Whitehaven St Nicholas

    Edit to say: St Peter, Kells was not represented in the list of parishes and I suspect it may be more modern? ...... Yes, just found a website which says it was founded in 1939.
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    Thanks so much Anne.


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