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    I am looking for records and facts of the family members including and before the person listed after each family name

    Schueler (not sure on spelling could also be Schuler or another form))/ Coorhesson, (Around Fulda) Germany (Justus Schueler born: 9 (or 19) Nov 1830)

    Siemer Hannover, Hanover, Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany (Anna Mary Siemer born: 30 Jun 1832)

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    STANBRA - Fenny Compton, Warks
    Currently researching: Stanbra, Neale, Reading, Barber, Checkley, Pratt, Blicke in Fenny Compton, Warks and neighbouring hamlets

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    Shropshire - East Tennessee area 1860's and earlier

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    Sloan Ayrshire, Scotland & Croydon South London 1880-1960's

    Stitchener Croydon/London 1850-1970's


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