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Thread: MASON, George/ SATCHELL, Mary Ann - Stepney, England

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    This is about the only possibility I can come up with.

    Mary Ann Satchwell (born 10 February)
    Baptism Date: 5 Mar 1775 St Faith Under St Paul
    Parents: Thomas and Sarah Satchwell.

    St. Faith under St. Paul is in the City of London - as is St Dunstan in The West where the Mason baptisms took place.

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    Just to confirm the marriage of William Mason and Mary Palmer was St. Dunstans Stepney

    William Mason / Mary Palmer
    Marriage : 02 Nov 1803 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex.

    source: LMA parish registers on Ancestry

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    .. and the marriage for George

    George Mason / Mary Ann Satchell
    Marriage - 29 Jul 1806, St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex.

    source: LMA parish registers on Ancestry

    You probably already have these!!

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    Elaine thank you once again for your lookups and time helping me.
    The following I have printed & pasted from my Mason forum at

    George MASON Snr

    Born: 03 Sept 1781 in Ram Ally, Middlesex, England
    Baptised: 23 Sept in St. Dunstan in The West, London, England
    Died: Abt. 1828 in Stephney,Middlesex, England
    Buried: 12 Mar 1828 at St James, Pentonville
    Occupation: Landscape Painter Abt. 1810 aged 29yrs in Middlesex, England
    Father: MASON
    Mother: Elizabeth Unknown

    Married: 29 July 1806 at St. Dunstan & All Saints Stepney (Stepney became part of the newly created London borough of Tower Hamlets in 1965)
    Spouse: Mary Ann SATCHELL
    Born: 28 April 1784 in Marylebone, London, England
    Baptised: 06 Feb 1785 in St. Marylebone, Middlesex, England
    Died: Mar 1867 aged 79yrs in Middlesex, England
    Father: SATCHELL


    Witnesses to George & Mary Ann's marriage were:
    Frederick MASON & Daniel PRICE

    George was living in Tower Hamlets, was a member of the Parish, but had come from another parish earlier on.

    Mary Ann's residence in 1861 aged 73yrs was Islington St. Mary, Middlesex, England

    Only known child of George & Mary MASON (at this stage)

    George MASON b: 1810 bapt: 12 Mar 1810, Middlesex, England d: 1889 in Okain's Bay, Banks Peninsula NZ.

    I will enquire from my contact in England where she obtained the records she kindly shared with me. She has her tree on Ancestral but I don't have a paid sub. in order to view it.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thankyou,
    Di NZ
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    I think my query is solved Di. You originally said the Mason family was baptissed in St. Dunstan Stepney, which was causing the problem because I couldn't find them there.
    I found them in St. Dunstan in the West - a totally different church and location - and this matches the information given by your contact.
    So to add to your infomration you now have the parents names - Robert Mason & Elizabeth Mason.

    The info I have give you about Mary Ann Satch(w)ell in post #11 is presumably incorrect as it doesn't match the info you have already got (post #14)'
    I'll check to see if I can find anything else.

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    Thank you is wonderful to have someone with your expertise helping me & confirming through records what is correct or incorrect. Sorry to mislead you with incorrect church & place showing up my lack of knowledge of those areas....always learning which is great.

    Thankyou for continuing to search more details re Mary Ann Satchell & family - I feel very fortunate.
    warm regards,
    Di NZ

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    Not an expert Di, just happy to try to help. I see you are from New Zealand so it's hardly surprising that you don't recognise or know the London place names!

    The information you have given for Mary Ann Satchell in post #14 comes from the IGI (International Genealogical Index) on Family Search - and tallies with what is there. The only snippet of information I can add is that her parents were Richard Satchell and Mary.

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    Elaine...again a big thankyou & also for your understanding about my lack of knowledge of London etc. which I very much hope to remedy their summer of 2012.

    One thing I found strange with Mary Satchell details on IGI was that she died 20 Dec 1785, so either someone has made a mistake on there or otherwise it might be another Mary Satchell. as mine apparently died March 1867 aged 79yrs.

    Thankyou so much for all your wonderful help Elaine.

    Warm regards,
    Di ChCh NZ

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    Yes, I see what you mean. My fault for not checking it properly but as you say the death date does not tally.
    It says the IGI entry is an "extracted birth or christening record" which means it has been transcribed from the parish registers.
    In my experience, I have found very few "extracted burial records".

    Being from the Marylebone district(London), the registers don't seem to be available via Ancestry who have a number of extracts from the LMA records (London Metropolitan Archives) - which is where I found your St. Dunstan records. I think Marylebone records would be held at the Westminster Archives, which unfortunately are not available online.

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    if it has a burial date on the extracted christening record it is then an actual record. if the record is submitted then you need to double check the registers. well you need to double check the register anyway, but extracted records are more likely to be accurate.

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