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Thread: Letter signed by A.S.Gunnell - looking to return to family member

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    how can they not be interested??? i have been researching my family since last november and may i add im 27..i am completley hooked and have spent many hours searching the web and a member of ancestry and lots and lots of geneology websites.. i am very proud of what i have found and pieced together...i would love someone to hand a letter photo or anything to do with my family :-) such a shame and you do right to hold onto it.x

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    It is difficult for us to understand I know Jammin, because we are all so absorbed in family history. For those who aren't though I think they just see it as a very old letter that doesn't have any relevance today.
    I wish it were my family letter too
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.

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    This is so sad. I have something similar, my hubby runs a recycling centre, he brought home an old, full photo album and other bits and pieces of paperwork. All dating from the 1930'2 to the 1950's. Included in these was a diary. I managed to piece it all together, created a little Family Tree and found a living relative. I got in touch and was told a point blank 'No thank you, they were put in a skip for the simple reason we dont want them'! I was gob-smacked - I would absolutely love this kind of thing to be connected to MY family. So I still have them, in the hope that a future generation family member may find them important

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    Sorry Debbs, I have only just seen your message. I can understand how disappointed you were, as I was over the letter. I imagine that there have been many of these precious object destroyed over the years, simply because the descendants aren't interested in their family history though.
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.

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    Hi there,
    I've only just seen this post (silly me for not coming onto this site very often!) and the name Gunnell caught my eye because I have (Alice) Hannah Gunnell marrying into my family.

    She was Alice Hannah Gunnell, known as Hannah Gunnell. Ref: Births Index: Dec qtr 1885, Marylebone, Vol 1a page 609.

    Marriage: Hannah Gunnell, daughter of Edward Gunnell (coal porter, dec'd), married Thomas Whittlesey in 1903 at St Matthews, Marylebone -
    Ref 1: Marriage Index: Dec qtr 1903, Marylebone, Vol 1a page 1231.
    Ref 2: London England Marriages & Banns 1754-1921.

    Hannah & Thomas Whittlesey's children (as far as I know) - Ivy Gertrude b.1904, Charles Thomas b.1906, Edward Frederick b.1908.

    Hannah's parents: Edward Joseph Gunnell married Elizabeth Bryan - Ref: Marriage Index: June qtr 1881, Marylebone, Vol 1a Page 998.
    1891 Census: Edward & Elizabeth Gunnell + Charles, Susan, Hannah, Emma, Charlotte, living in Marylebone, parish of St Matthew.

    Just wondering if any of these names feature within the letter??

    Best regards
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    Karen x

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    It is so long since I did this but I do remember that the two names (hers and his) were the only names in the letter. I seem to remember that I did a small tree at the time but I would have to look and see if I can still find it anywhere. If I find anything I will let you know
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.

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    Hello. This is my first post but was so interested to read the story about the letter, which by now I assume has been 'claimed' by a family member. Ann Sarah Gunnell was my 2nd great grand aunt. I am a family tree addict too and descend from her brother, James George Gunnell. I would love to have a copy of this letter and wondered if you would mind helping me further with this. You also mention a family tree you put together (possibly on Ancestry) and I would really appreciate seeing this too in the hope of piecing together more of my family jigsaw. Many thanks for your support. It has been wonderful reading your messages, which I have only just discovered.

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    I have replied to your PM
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.

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    Chrissie Smiff, I would very much like to talk to you regarding this subject. I am now to this site and have signed up specifically to talk to you. Im not sure how I can send you a Private message so I have reached out to you on here.

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    Hi Adam and welcome to FTF It is so long since I did this search for a friend that I can't remember too much about it, apart from what is on this thread. Without reading the whole thread again I seem to remember that I sent copies to a couple of distant descendants who were interested, but I THINK I returned the letter to my friend. She is on holiday at the moment but I can ask her when she returns. As a new member who hasn't made at least 10 posts I don't think you can send a Private Message, but I will PM you and I think you will be able to reply to that with anything you want to say in private.
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    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.


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