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Thread: Brough/ Clarke mystery ???

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    Hi I'm related to Laura Jeffrey Webb Brough . If you have any information about Laura and what happened to her first husband or any photos off them I would really appreciate it and thanks for solving the name change been trying to work out why for 10 years my great grandad was Francis Bertie born Webb but later a Brough was Laura's eldest any info would be greatly appreciated about any member of the family thank you

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    I'm afraid the mystery gets even deeper, This is what we know at the moment. Francis Bryan Brough is not the father of any of the 3 children, Francis Bertie (my gt grandfather), Arthur and Lawrence Victor (died aged 19 1st WW Childless) .... they ar all born webb to a William Francis Webb and Laura Jeffery. After the birth of Lawrence Victor registered by William Webb on 16th November 1897 there is no further information on him and Laura and 3 sons appear in 1901 census under the name of Force. This is her sisters married name, her sister is married to a policeman in Kidderminster.
    My grandfather's brother, Laura's grandson died a few years ago and took the answer to his grave, I asked him once and he flatly refused to say anything but 'leave it alone !' which only makes more more intrigued lol
    If anyone knows any further info to this, please share ! cheers

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    I have merged the two different threads as they are about the same person, and is much easier to keep all of the threads in the one place rather than scattered!..

    hopefully, you, Steve and you Tracey can connect with Margaret and collaborate your info
    They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........


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