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Thread: FISHER lost in the censuses

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    FISHER lost in the censuses

    Peter Fisher marries Hannah Fisher in St Martins Birmingham 9 May 1841(both born in Oldbury c.1815)
    They have two children both born in Oldbury and Hannah dies.
    Thomas Turley Fisher born and dies in 1846
    Abraham Fisher born 1842 dies 1930 and I have him in ALL census not with his father.

    Peter Fisher marries Amelia Humphries 29 Nov 1847.
    I have Peter and Hannah in the 1841 census.
    I have Peter in the 1861,1871,1881 censuses as a coal dealer/retail brewer shown as married but not living with his wife.
    Peter dies in Aston Q4 1890.

    I can't find Peter in the 1851 census and I can't find any trace of Amelia in any census after their marriage.

    Likely to be in the Midlands
    Not to be confused with his cousin Peter Fisher born same time same place married to Hannah in 1835 who is a coal merchant and boatman. Dying Q4 1890 West Bromwich.

    I can give more information on the census entries I have if required.

    Mike Fisher
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    So in the 61.71, 81 - where was his wife then? Take it he wasnt on a barge dealing coal?

    Where/when was Amelia born? Did they have kids?

    Did you see the Peter and Amelia Fisher in London 1851 - no place of birth given for him - shown as sugar baker? with two kids, Amelia and Jane, both born Middx. Eldest kids age fits with an 1847 marriage. I know its unlikely, Im just putting it on here, so I dont forget . But then again, if you couldnt find her after the marriage ...... Did you find Amelia at all? What is her year/place of birth?
    NB What a shame, just found them in the 1861 and John's place of birth now shown as Hanover, Germany (which figures, most sugar bakers seemed to be German) Back to the drawing board.

    But do you know amelia's details please and if there were kids.
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    Peter Fisher

    1841 Birmingham Rd, Oldbury
    1861 William St Birmingham
    1871 & 1881 King William 4th 33 Summer Row,Aston,Birmingham

    All I have on Amelia comes from their marriage.

    m.(2) 29 Nov 1847 in St Martins,Birmingham,WAR
    Peter Fisher full wid boatman Wharf St father William Fisher inn keeper
    Amelia Humphries full spin Wharf St father William Humpries cabinet maker
    wit:- Thomas Bevan & Ann Bevan


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