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Thread: Help offered tracing WW2 relatives - Dunkirk, Africa, Sicily and D-Day

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    Help offered tracing WW2 relatives - Dunkirk, Africa, Sicily and D-Day

    I wondered if members would find the web site of my Dad's war diary helpful in tracking old soldiers. It's a long shot but there are over 200 names mentioned, either in his memoir or his notebooks and diaries etc. Dad was in the Green Howards, East Yorks and East Lancs at different times during the war although he fought alongside a number of other regiments which are also listed. If you do see a name that means something to you, please do get in touch with me and I'll see what other information I have. I am especially keen to track people down to bring closure to their stories and have had some poignant results already through relatives emailing me.

    If you want to learn more about Dad’s memoir, go to where you can read the first chapter, located on the beaches at Dunkirk. The book will be published next year by major publishers Pen and Sword and there is plenty of stuff on the site which is of interest, including lots of photographs and the huge list of names of Dad’s contacts at:
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    Had a quick look at the website. My Dad survived the 2WW and did the illlustrations for a book by the Battalion in Germany. The book has little personal information and my Dad wouldn't talk about it. He used to get very upset. Just to say well done to you for having the diaries published.
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